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  1. TE37Ultra M-Spec Mag Blue

    Picked these up about 2 months ago from Titan Motorsports. Selling the car in the near future and returning to stock wheels/tires in the meantime... TE37Ultra M-Spec Mag Blue 19x9.5 +23 5x112 19x10.5 +35 5x112 Nitto NT555 G2 265/35/19 305/30/19 Does not have center caps or TPMS. Feel free to...
  2. San Antonio Supra

    Anyone know of any good BMW tuners in the area? unfortunately, I have the latest DME, which is locked and will have to get it bench flashed in order to flash with Bootmod3.
  3. Time to buy a downpipe!

    Just did this last night... Make sure the downpipe hanger nuts aren't fully tightened and the clamp holding it to the turbo is loose. Then a little elbow grease and a mallet should do the trick lol.
  4. San Antonio Supra

    Count me in as well. Cars & Coffee at the new location was run pretty well last month.