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  1. Houston September Cars and Coffee

    Hit us up once you are in town, like I stated to Manny above, search for Houston Supra Club, there are two pages a public and a private group, request to join the private. Its a really small group, but they seem to get together fairly frequent. Pdang
  2. White 2020 with window tint?

    My buds with 5% tint.
  3. Houston September Cars and Coffee

    Yes, according to the site still at Memorial which I have yet to been since the move from VIntage Park. If you aren't already request to join Houston Supra Club bud, a good group of like minded friends. Pdang
  4. Houston September Cars and Coffee

    Anyone from Houston making it out to C&C in two weeks? I should be out there with my cousin and our A90's Pdang