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  1. 2020 3.0 Premium Supra for sale-Tungsten 1788 miles

    Beautiful car, Sorry you have to sell it. Good luck
  2. rear license plate

    While reading the the thread about wrecked Supras I noticed there are a ton of wrecked cars out there. It seems like we're invisible sometimes judging by how many rear enders. On my motorcycles I install a led license plate holder that lights up when you hit the brakes, Some pulsate a few times...
  3. It really is nice to have a car you dont see on the streets every 30 seconds.

    I live 7 miles up a twisty mountain road:) One day while driving out I caught up with a pick up truck, A young man hung his body from the waist up out the passenger window and started filming my car! A minute later he was back inside and another guy was hanging out the window filming with his...
  4. WTB passenger headlight unit

    That is ridicules! Maybe you can contact one of the wrecking yards.
  5. Disconnected battery and the trunk is closed / Opening trunk if cars battery is dead?

    Doh! I didn't know there was a physical key inside the fob! Logic says there should be so I found a small button on the side of the fob and walla, You can remove the key. It might have been nice for the dealer to have mentioned this.
  6. Disconnected battery and the trunk is closed / Opening trunk if cars battery is dead?

    How do you get in the car if the battery is dead? If It locked like it should be.
  7. Is my Supra Broken?

    I think your problem lies between the ears
  8. Top speed at programed cutoff?

    I hope you are not one of those people that believes everything you read :)
  9. Hand Gun mount??

    Not talking politics, Just stating facts. Am I wrong? no.
  10. Oil getting in the spark plugs?

    Maybe the factory put never seize on the plugs when they installed them?
  11. Hand Gun mount??

    I'll tell you why this is important. Almost all major cities in the US are democrat run. They make sure all the judges are liberal judges. Bad guys commit crimes, Police risk their lives to arrest them. Liberal judges release them back to the streets where they have no fear of going to jail...
  12. GPS voice says left instead of right?

    It's not the car. It is the gps. I have a Garmin gps I use on several vehicles and it does the same thing. Only the gps manufacturer could fix it. Don't hold your breath on that. I just laugh about it now. I need to pay attention to see if my supra does the same.
  13. Top speed at programed cutoff?

    In my case 163 at redline in 6th gear in sport mode. Didn't spend much time there to experiment. I'm not sure I want to go that fast in comfort mode to find out about 7th and 8th speed. Next time I'm in the boonies I may try manual shifting to see what happens. Unless some one already knows.
  14. Shudder/Vibration During Cold Start Idling?

    I have the same problem. Not on every cold start but quite often. I am still stock with 6k Miles.
  15. Top speed at programed cutoff?

    Is there a way to have 7th and 8th gear with sport suspension?
  16. Top speed at programed cutoff?

    163 mph indicated not gps. close to redline in 6th gear, two more gears to go if not restricted. So I hear:)
  17. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    seems my unlocked 2020 is looking pretty good about now. If I take it in for service can they update the ecu and lock me out?
  18. How did first service go at Toyota?

    Mine went really well, The service manager has a supra, And the assigned tech had lots of European experience.
  19. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    The sisters are probably the best roads in Texas. I probably wouldn't rate in top twenty in the USA Though. Still excellent though. And some really good food to be found. Check with Texas road dept for closures and and construction. They had some bad flooding recently and at least one section...
  20. Will visibility be an issue on the Supra?

    I agree! Our problem is not so much seeing out, But being seen! I can't believe how many Supra's have been whacked. We are like magnets.