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  1. Charge pipes before tune

    I just installed Injen's chargepipe but I still need more time to see if it's going to stay in place or not. Tbh unless you are going to upgrade your turbo or use Meth injection it's not necessary at all, you'll only see improvement in throttle response and no power gains.
  2. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    Not really, I saw oil in the oem intake and chargepipe when I removed them for an upgraded ones
  3. Phantom Matte Gray Supra project

    After 4 months of waiting, the Injen chargepipe have finally arrived. Excellent packaging by Injen! Installation was a breeze, you will need to remove the air intake to remove the oem chargepipe, then install the upgraded chagepipe. In terms of performance, you won't get any but the car feels...
  4. Phantom Matte Gray Supra project

    Hey buddy, tbh I did not check the IAT temps before and after but couple of users did post some numbers here on the forums and there was definitely improvement. The stock airbox with resonator will not fit, you will need a resonator delete.
  5. Oil Catch cans

    Anyone know what are these for?
  6. Intake Manifolds question

    I would love reaching 480 - 500 without a turbo upgrade and methanol .. waiting to see how these intake manifolds will perform
  7. Oil Catch cans

    P Please keep us updated, diffently interested in this if it works
  8. Intake Manifolds question

    Yup correct but unfortunately E85 is not easy to get where I live
  9. Intake Manifolds question

    Upgrading your turbo definitely needs methanol, the Air Intake temls will be too high. Even without a turbo upgrade youll never reach 480-500 hp without methanol
  10. Exhaust flap/valve always open

    Hey buddy, Middle East and Australia Supras don't have the same exhaust flap option as in the US and Europe .. the flap is always open.
  11. Charge pipe seated correctly?

    Are you sure about this? I'm pretty sure some people did see oil in the OEM charge pipe as well
  12. Intake Manifolds question

    Hello everyone, Couple of companies are now working on an upgraded intake manifold such as AMS, Boost Logic and ETS. Does upgrading the intake manifold eliminate the need of methanol especially after upgrading the turbo?
  13. High Performance Ignition Coils

    Hello everybody! Anyone installed high performance ignition coils on their Supra such as the ones in the below link? Do they actually make a difference in performance? And...
  14. Front and rear badge options

    Great options but they are still vinyls, I hope some one releases proper emblems
  15. Magnaflow exhaust question

    Tbh his videos convinced me to get the AWE touring resonated exhaust, I don't regret buying it and it sounds great.
  16. Looking to buy Ingen Charge Pipe - Black?

    Good luck with that, I placed an order through Speed Industry since September and still waiting. First ETA they gave me was 20th November and then they said Injen shipment didnt arrive, the second deadline is now 3rd week of December (which should be this week).
  17. Extended warranty: did you get one?

    The dealer in my country only sells the car with 3 years warranty, I asked them for an extended one and they said it's not available :oops:
  18. Quietest catted downpipe

    I bought Evolution Racewerks catted downpipe through them, it took 2 weeks to get shipped but I got it for a good price and the customer service was excellent. Cynthia from Extreme Power House was giving me updates about my order every couple of days without me sending them anything. I...
  19. Phantom Matte Gray Supra project

    Flashed the car with MHD Stage 2 93 Octane tune, it feels so much powerful now and you can actually hear the turbo spooling! Great addition imo, I also noticed the car is a bit louder at idle. I had to bench unlock the ECU first and then flasg the tune, took around 2 minutes for the first flash.
  20. Octane Boosters

    I used Boostane shot today which should raise the octane by 3 numbers, i will tune the car tomorrow and send the log to MHD to verify that there are no issues with the 93 octane stage 2 map and my fuel mixture. The fuel here is 91.