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  1. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    1989 Dodge Daytona (Manual) 1993 Honda Prelude Si (Manual) 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (Manual) 1998 Honda Prelude Si (Manual) 1994 Nissan 300ZX (Manual) 2001 Lexus IS300 Yellow (AT) 2003 Mazda RX8 (Manual) 2008 Audi TT Front-Trac (DCT) 2007 VW GTI Fahrenheit Edition (DCT) 2009 Audi TT Quattro V6...
  2. AMS Wind Buffeting Kit

    I actually bought those, I haven't put them on.
  3. AMS Wind Buffeting Kit

    Just can't bring myself to spend $199 for them
  4. Tint or No Tint

    I have been going to the same tint place for 5 cars now. Never a problem and if applied correctly it shouldn't bubble. I always get the ceramic tint from LLumar. If you are in Houston, I would definitely look at Royz Window tint.
  5. TOM'S releases carbon diffuser and 4 barrel exhaust

    I do kind of like the exhaust, but it is a bit Lexus IS-F/LC/RC-F
  6. Carbon Mirror covers

    How would you rate the level of difficulty, to do this?
  7. Looking for Houston Area Members

    When I initially started talking to the Toyota dealer they wanted an inflated price. I told Gloria I am not paying a premium, in fact I won't pay MSRP. She said she understood, but at that time it was out of her hands. I thanked her and told her if things change reach out. In January she...
  8. Official PHANTOM MATTE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    It almost looks ghostly. Beautiful car and congrats. I would like to see that color IRL, I am second guessing my choice of yellow.
  9. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Gloria Jasso
  10. Looking for Houston Area Members

    I bought mine from Gloria at Fred Haas Toyota world. Pretty straight forward, pricing was awesome.
  11. Supra steering wheel...

    I have the CF piece, it is easy to install and it doesn't protrude, it has rounded edges.
  12. Looking for Houston Area Members

    I am in Cypress
  13. Any MKV Owners Coming from a Dual Clutch Trans Car?

    I have owned 4 Audi tt/tts's and a bmw 135 with DCT transmissions. I have also owned 2 C7 corvettes with the zf. The supra's zf is not as good as the dct, but it is a 1000% better then the zf in the vette. I have no regrets selling my vette and buying the supra.
  14. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    Nitro Yellow, Premium, Drivers Assist, Supra Protection Package, Connectivity, Rear Cargo Mat - $54,200 + TTL Houston, TX