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  1. Looking for Houston Area Members

    I'm in that area as well but currently out of town.
  2. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    ^ corrolla hatch with a detuned version of gr yaris engine. Also rumor of yaris crossover. Mr2 where are you!?
  3. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I agree and to be fair he does praise the car in a very backhanded sort of way but at the end of the day he is basically upset that there isn't enough toyota in the bmw. Anyone buying this car knows this and obviously it doesn't matter to them, so who is his audience here? Seems more like trying...
  4. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    He can't get his bmw kickback if he says toyota built a better bmw. Nothing compares right now to the supra imo unless you spend 85k+. Used market is even better value. It has some issues at the limit but thats the point of tuning a car.
  5. Hello

    I have a downshift blue just moved back to Tucson a few days ago. Hoping to meet up with some more owners in the area. There are quite a few owners in Houston where I'm from and I havnt seen a supra here yet.
  6. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Just joined I'm in houston
  7. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    Currently own 5 vehicles mostly trucks. Here's my 05 Trd supercharged+stuff Tacoma making around 400ish and my a90 supra. They color match pretty well.
  8. Official DOWNSHIFT BLUE Supra Club Thread

    A few of mine. Shows the color change the downshift blue can have. Even shows a bit of red hue in right light as they used that in the paint.