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  1. Heads up display Issue

    Mine hasn’t done it since...just park it like normal and when you start it tomorrow it will probably be fixed lol
  2. Follow up: rock in brake heat shield (loud grating metal noise)

    I tried pushing/pulling on the shield slightly with no luck. Then tried just reversing a little quicker and also turning the steering wheel back and forth and problem solved! My neighbors probably thought I was drunk or crazy doing this in my driveway at midnight . Thx guys!
  3. Follow up: rock in brake heat shield (loud grating metal noise)

    Appreciate the thread! Just happened to me and I was really pissed/bummed that something was seriously wrong but feeling better now. Hopefully I can remove it myself, otherwise will probably have it towed to be safe.
  4. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Also got my book today, nice little surprise. Has anyone received info about their NASA membership? I moved since I bought the car so hoping it comes to my new address
  5. Heads up display Issue

    Mine came back on today like normal, hope it doesn’t continue to happen. I definitely have gotten use to it so it was weird having to look at the dash lol
  6. Heads up display Issue

    My HUD also just disappeared on my drive home today, tried to toggle on and off in settings like you with no luck. Also turned the car off and on at a stoplight which didn’t do anything. Hoping next time I start it it fixes itself like yours!
  7. Will Supra Go In The Snow?

    With the stock tires the answer is the Supra does not do snow. We had our first snow about a month ago, not a ton so I figured I would take the Supra to work. Literally got 20 ft out of my driveway and I was sliding all over the place and couldn’t get up the small hill outside the apt. Had to...
  8. 2020 Supra Quirks

    Ya I noticed they have turned on by themselves a few times but if they don’t you can push the button to activate it
  9. 2020 Supra Quirks

    Not sure if this is common knowledge but I had assumed the parking sensor button by sport mode just turned the sensors off. I realized today it actually activates them and is actually really useful for when parking somewhere tight or with a blind curb...figured I would share just in case people...
  10. 2020 Supra vehicle specific sun shades?

    I’m thinking of ordering one and being the guinea pig...
  11. 2020 Supra vehicle specific sun shades?

    They are showing up on covercraft and weathertech now for the Supra but I don't know if I believe it...
  12. LE Supra Registry Thread: Launch Edition What Number Are You?

    Finally picked up my LE yesterday and drove it back to CO from Nebraska. #596 Nocturnal Black Better pictures to follow
  13. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    Well I’m about to embark on my 500 mile trip each way to pick up my LE. Any break in tips for the drive back aside from varying the RPMs? It’s going to be almost all highway so I know not to just set the cruise and go
  14. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    #14 Mine was delivered yesterday to the dealer!! PDI done and now waiting for me in the showroom to pick her up this weekend!
  15. 2020 Supra Quirks

    Is the backup camera only half the screen?
  16. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    #14 Was just told my LE should be delivered today!
  17. U.S. Supra Ordering: Pricing and Availability Details! Have You Ordered?

    My dealer just let me know they got notified the truck is on the way so expecting my LE to be delivered today!
  18. To car wash... Or not to car wash - That is the question!

    I researched this a little last night and the general consensus is hand wash if at all possible. Apparently even the touchless washes still aren’t great
  19. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Does the wind effect only happen when both windows are fully down? I usually just put the driver side window down partially and wondering if that might avoid it?
  20. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    Thx for sharing, definitely going to ask my dealer if they have all the right equipment and software ready to go.