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  1. Eventuri Intake Review

    Dope! I thought about popping off that plate on the intake behind the headlight. You leaving yours?
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    It was a sample from HKS and I was lucky enough to snag it. I guess they'll be partnering with Tone Tools to make vehicle specific tool kits.
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Got an HKS Supra Tone tool set. Kinda cool!
  4. Red Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Enkei calls the color "Titanium Gold" its matte textured gold.
  5. Wrapped my rear bumper

    Hell yeah! Car looks sick!! What else is done?
  6. Red Supra with aftermarket wheels

    I went gold. Was considering white but I didnt want to clean them all the time.
  7. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    They are a +32mm. I can squeeze a little more out of the rear; I'll be throwing on a 3mm spacer on the next service.
  8. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Enkei GTC02s 18x10 with a Toyo R888 275/40/18 lowered on the HKS Sleeve Kit.
  9. Supras in PA

    Ah i'm just outside of Philadelphia. There is also a Philadelphia MKV Supra owners group the Facebooks.
  10. INDstyle A90 Supra Build Thread

    Wow, gorgeous! The "Like" button isnt sufficient enough; I love it!
  11. Nitro Yellow on Gram Lights 57CR (Gloss Black)

    Looks good man! What size tires are you running? They look beefy!
  12. downpipe install

    I dont know how close they are to you or if they've worked on the new Supra yet but the guys at Bob Hindson Racing or PHP Specialists should be able to handle it. Good luck man!!
  13. downpipe install

    Man, none of that sounds good. Who was the second shop?
  14. New carbon fiber seat installed on supra.

    Looking good! I want a set for mine. I need more headroom; I dont fit with a helmet. Who makes these?
  15. OEM aluminum bar removal?

    I havent, but I would like to remove mine too for a little more room.
  16. Water/Meth: AEM or SNOW?

    I'll be doing a water/meth setup soon. Wanted to see whats recommended for the A90?