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  1. Original Mirror Caps for Sale

    Hey Daphne - I just returned home and was able to setup my Paypal account. If you are still interested in the mirror caps, I can send them to you this week ASAP. I have them packed and ready to go. My Paypal account is [email protected]
  2. Original Mirror Caps for Sale

    Actually I do. Are you interested?
  3. Fort Worth - 2 Fast 2 Furious

    I was looking for a drive-in theater to combine a weekend drive and entertainment opportunity this weekend. I found 2 Fast 2 Furious (yes, its corny) playing at Coyota Drive-Thru this weekend. Just sharing in case anyone else is looking for something socially distance and enjoy your Supra!
  4. Original Mirror Caps for Sale

    Only 300 miles on the car when the parts were removed so they are in like new condition.
  5. Original Mirror Caps for Sale

    I installed the carbon fiber mirror caps this week. Looking to sell the black original mirror caps. They could be good for someone interested in painting a set (possibly LE color match). $100 asking price.