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  1. Possible paint issue? Red supra

    Wax is for protection and wont do anything for that. You can try a cleaner wax. It has a slight abrasive and may be enough to work. Otherwise, use polish or compound but keep in mind, compound is more abrassive. If compound is necessary, follow up with polish to get rid of compound haze. Wax...
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    BMW does say replace nut and bolts when changing suspension parts.
  3. Street Aero Diffuser for 2020 supra

    Why would you want to buy it if you don't know what it means?
  4. Nocturnal Black Paint Issue

    Can you ask them to look into the other colors while they are at it? This paint coverage issue appears to be on other colors as well. Like Waferz see through red mirror caps.
  5. Totaled or nah?

    Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about and how this industry works. I don't think people even know what a total loss even means.
  6. New Toyota Emblems for Hood and Rear

    The Ebay logo looks like it just came out of the oven. Why not get a genuine Toyota one to paint black? You seem to have a lot of carbon sticker. Have you tried just a black logo directly on the bumper and deck lid? With all that black, it looks like there is a hole in the front and back of...
  7. Exhaust tips

    That's different. That's the actual product and cannot be found at Pepboys.
  8. Exhaust tips

    When did exhaust tips change exhaust tones? But the person that burned the exhaust tips... I've never seen... I don't even know what to say.
  9. Exhaust tips

    What is going on in this forum? It's like a bunch of Pepboys tuners in here.
  10. New wheel center caps

    I would just leave it alone. Less is more. Putting on a trd logo without anything trd? Not my cup of tea. I understand individuality but often times people fall into the trap of making it look cheap or rice. (Do people still say rice?) So far nothing mentioned in this thread will beat the...
  11. New wheel center caps

    I dont see how any of this looks better than stock. It's a stock wheel. Based on the op's other post, it looks like the op had too much carbon fiber sticker laying around and wanted to see where it can be used throughout the car. It appears to be the OEM cap with the logo removed and a sticker...
  12. Street Aero Diffuser for 2020 supra

    Looks like pieces of cardboard forced to fit.
  13. 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback & Sedan + Upcoming GR model

    It's the same as the 2020 XSE model in the U.S.
  14. BlackVue DR900S-2CH Install DIY

    Just make sure to run the wiring behind the curtain airbag. You do not want any possible obstruction in the case of an accident.
  15. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    Don't you remember? Everyone gets a trophy.
  16. My Wife Finally Let Me Have a Misstress

    2020 Trd pro as well... nice.
  17. Is the 2020 clear coated?

    The clear coat on the MKVs look great now if only they can get the colors to match as well as Toyota does. Hope they fix the lack of color coverage on the nocturnal plastics and match the bumper color to the hood better on the renaissance. The bumper is darker.
  18. Is the 2020 clear coated?

    We get refinishing guidelines from the manufacturers and it seems Toyota's transition to base coat/ clear coat was around the mid 2000's. You can see how it changed throughout the 2000's. I am surprised how some of their cars were still single stage as you pointed out. Here's a note from 2010...
  19. Is the 2020 clear coated?

    Older cars may have single stage. I was referring to modern cars. I had a 97 eclipse and it had clear coat.
  20. Is the 2020 clear coated?

    My 040 has clear. All the 040s we fix has clear. The 040 Rav4 the I just assessed has clear. I've been in the repair industry for a long time. Modern cars use a 2 stage paint system with the exception of tri coats. Only time I see single stage paint is if someone touched up their car or if...