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  1. San Antonio Supra

    What happened with JMS?
  2. Supra smashed up by rioters

    Sad we have to be like this in our society. I wish more parents/families would teach values like "don't mess with other people's stuff". You don't see people acting like this in Japan.
  3. Supra smashed up by rioters

    For sure. Its a cultural thing. You would never see citizens destroying peoples property in Japan or Korea. It brings dishonor to your family's name. And they value that as they should.
  4. San Antonio Supra

    Lets do a spirited drive out to Medina Lake. Anyone interested?
  5. San Antonio Supra

    Fellow San Antonio/Cibolo Launch Edition Supra owner here.
  6. Supra smashed up by rioters

    Its gone too far now. Nobody should be destroying Supras.