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  1. Rexspeed spoiler quality issues?

    I didn't have any carbon fiber quality issues, but their supplied 3M tape and install instructions fucked up my paint
  2. Cruise control & VSC

    Why would you want to keep VSC off while using cruise control?
  3. foliage in vermont pics!

    Very clean. I miss New England
  4. Sport mode question

    Depends on your cruising speed. Highways in Virginia have crap 55mph speed limits. I got up to 70 once and at cruising it went into 7th gear
  5. Good tires for HPDE in Florida

    For your first couple of events, the only things I'd recommend upgrading are the brake pads and brake fluid. Don't worry about tires until you've got a good amount of seat time.
  6. Shipping your supra from an out of state dealer

    I'm in Virginia and I bought my Supra in Connecticut. I was going to have them ship it, but I was going to insist on an enclosed trailer and I ultimately decided it was too much of a hassle and I was too impatient to wait a week. So I just flew up and drove it home. My only suggestion is the...
  7. Toyota Dealership Sets My A90 on Fire, is Giving Me an A91 Even Trade: A Cautionary Story

    I charge a fat fee for every NDA I sign, so I recommend you do the same, lol
  8. Toyota Dealership Sets My A90 on Fire, is Giving Me an A91 Even Trade: A Cautionary Story

    Damn. Did you lose any mods on the car? I wouldn't be too upset with an A91 replacement, but I've already spent quite a bit of money on my A90 so I'd be bummed if I lost those aftermarket parts
  9. 4/5-point harnesses with stock seats

    Yea, I posted this before I took a close look at the seats to see that there weren't any existing holes to work with, lol.
  10. Track Settings

    Well that depends a lot on the type of track you'll be on. Straight line? Road course? Auto cross?
  11. Performance upgrades that wont void the Warranty

    I wouldn't even trust it in writing, because there's always some higher up that can respond with "That employee wasn't in a position to make that statement/promise with full accuracy, sorry."
  12. Betty - Nocturnal A90 Launch Edition #1292

    Power feels good, drivability is flawless. No complaints
  13. Auto-x with new Toyo R888r's

    This is the 3rd auto-x day for the Supra, but the 1st on the new Toyo R888r tires I put on this week. 265/35/19 front 285/35/19 rear OEM Launch Edition wheels I only ran them at about 31psi, because the length of the course didn't let them get hot very fast, but I think they'll perform better...
  14. Betty - Nocturnal A90 Launch Edition #1292

    Ditched the stock tires and went with 265 & 285/35/19 Toyo R888r's
  15. Shipping spacers not being removed?

    They were left on mine too, for about 1,000 miles until I went to HKS springs. Just take them off, no big deal. If you don't have the time or tools, bring it to the dealer
  16. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler issues

    Its the Rexpeed V2 CF Splitter
  17. Betty - Nocturnal A90 Launch Edition #1292

    Had the car fully ceramic coated, makes the black paint SO much easier to maintain. Also decided to go for a different look and swapped out the Rexpeed spoiler for the Seibon spoiler. Install was easy and took about 20 minutes. Haven't decided if I'm going to paint match it to the car yet
  18. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler issues

    The fitment, carbon & finish quality on both are top notch. The reason for the switch was just for a different look. I love it
  19. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler issues

    Thats the issue. 80% of the tape didn't even attach to the trunk because its too thin. I'll add that I have zero issues with the quality of the spoiler itself. It looks great, the fitment is perfect, and is very high quality. But the tape and instructions provided for installation is what...