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  1. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Got my TE37 Ultra M-Spec mounted up. Used OEM tires and sensors
  2. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Here’s another clip after another tune adjustment
  3. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    just posted a couple more clips
  4. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    thanks man! Those were revs only up to about 4000-4500. It’s a lot more popping when it gets up to 5500-6000 RPM. Will get a video of that soon
  5. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Here are some sound clips recorded with my iPhone so not the best quality. But sounds amazing in person. The tuner made some adjustments and I reflashed before recording these clips. Exhaust and Engine Modifications: FTP Intake Pipe Akrapovic Titanium Slip On System Akrapovic Evo Link Pipe...
  6. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Sounds so good! I’m so happy with it! Here are some pics, videos tomorrow!
  7. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    EXHAUST - Akrapovic Slip On System, Sound kit and Evo Link Pipe DOWNPIPE - Euromotive Performance Catless downpipe CUSTOM TUNE - Paul Johnson Tunes @F80Paul on IG All being done today. Will post pics and videos once all done!
  8. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Installed my Euromotive Performance Charge/Boost Pipes and the FTP Intake pipe I got from SPEED INDUSTRY. Simple install, entire thing including removal and installation of new parts took maybe 45 minutes. Speed Industry has a link to the install on their YT page, I included a screenshot of...
  9. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Installed the Verus Engineering Heat Shield today. Installed their intake resonator delete a few days back. This definitely cleans up some clutter on the side. It’s mainly aesthetic. It does lower the temps around the airbox but not like crazy. They’re currently working on their air oil...
  10. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Correction orientation photos lol sorry guys
  11. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Went with the bronze. Waiting until either those or the Meisters are done to do the titanium stud conversion and throw on these EVS tuning titanium lugs Here’s a shot of the Meisters. which btw are the original Accord specs. Don’t worry that size won’t be going on haha
  12. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Meisters are being rebuilt from some wild specs originally for my widebody Accord. I did not want to do anything except swap lips and barrels on the Meisters. Plus need to run the 15mm adapter since they’re 114.3. I spent a lot on the Meisters so I want to put them to use since they didn’t end...
  13. Aftermarket Steering Wheel & Seat

    I never had issues taking my 2013 Honda Accord in after a replacement wheel. Did the same thing, installed a replacement OEM wheel. Since this is a factory Toyota OEM wheel modified on the outer portion you hold onto but the inner portion is left completely OEM, I’d assume the same. If you put...
  14. Aftermarket Steering Wheel & Seat

    PHOTOS of seat setup and installed Door closes normally with a few mm between the shoulder corner of the seat and the door panel.
  15. Aftermarket Steering Wheel & Seat

    *Steering Wheel* Just installed my aftermarket steering wheel last night I had a custom wheel made by BeithPerformancePants after purchasing an OEM replacement core and replacement parts myself. Added the Autotecknic Competition Carbon paddle shifters which were really easy to swap thanks to...
  16. 2020 Supra Owners- Auto start/stop Disable Question

    Photos of the wheel and paddle shifters installed!
  17. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    the wheel and paddles have been installed! Carbon buttons were a bit more difficult to disassemble at the time of install so I’ll possibly be adding those at a later date! Details: -BeithPerformanceParts Custom Flat Bottom Carbon Fiber Wheel -Autotecknic Comp Carbon Paddle Shifters -Rexpeed...
  18. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    thanks man! More carbon going on soon as more parts arrive!
  19. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Yeah idk why it flips some photos and some it doesn’t lol