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  1. Does anyone know how easy these are to remove/take off?

    Knee pad area can just be pulled out. It's held on by a ton of clips and no screws
  2. Do you let your pets in your Supra?

    Got a cat that likes to lay on the trunk cover :rofl:
  3. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    Has anyone figure how to wire these in the US models?
  4. Metal to metal cracking rattle noise

    How's the visibility out of those Recaro's? Been eyeing them.
  5. Impossible Engine/Oil Light Reset

    Had the same issue on my first oil change. Most likely they didn't add enough oil like they did on mine.
  6. What Parts do we want developed for Supra??

    Open vents Better looking steering wheel where the bottom portion is open Sequential headlights (noticed the gt500 race car has it) Custom or re-designed taillights with sequential turn signals Third F1 style brakelights Quadtip exhaust somewhat like the GTR Carbon fiber parts for the piano...
  7. Best way to remove Start Engine button?

    I just did my start button today also. Tried to use 3m tape at first until I found a 15 year old clay bar in my basement and it worked. :lol:
  8. REXPEED: 2020 Supra V2 Carbon Fiber Splitter, Side Skirt Extensions and Rear Bumper Side Spats.

    Any chances for carbon interior pieces? Getting tired of the piano black plastic....
  9. Fuse Panel Layouts?

    I've been wanting to do something like this but I've never really did any wiring before.
  10. REXPEED: Something we want to make, what do you think?

    I think I may have to get the door garnish. I constantly have maple tree seeds jamming its way into the crack of the fake door garnish vents. Some seeds are somewhere in there as I'm scared to pop the piece out.
  11. REXPEED: Working Log for Polarized Mirrors w/ the Blind Spot Monitoring

    Very Interested but will it retain the heated mirror functionality? It gets really cold here in Massachusetts and it would be great to have it.
  12. Has anybody done this to the door lock panel?

    Im looking for an actual replacement not some cover over the OEM part. Hopefully
  13. AirLift 3H

    Yeah...I was trying to get Accuair locally but I think ill do airlift. 5k isnt bad at all for the whole kit
  14. AirLift 3H

    If you don't mind; how much did it cost you totally? I'm also planning to air my supra with universal bags but with Accuair endo CVT elevel. The cost for those looks to be 4-4.5k in total but i'm trying to figure out how much it cost to install.
  15. REXPEED: Something we want to make, what do you think?_Part 2

    Yeah I would be fine with that also if it means the fake vents are open and functional.
  16. REXPEED: Something we want to make, what do you think?_Part 2

    I would like to see the vents on the car currently to be functional. Maybe making carbon tube ducts for the front, rear, and maybe the side vents plus the hood vent functional?
  17. Updated 2021 Toyota GR Supra Reaches Japan With Two Special Limited Editions

    DAMN the yellow with black out wheel looks sick. I wish they made the premiums with gloss black wheels instead of two tone. The stripes are starting to grow on me also. I may have someone custom make a carbon trunk with the TRD style spoiler infused. :headbang:
  18. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I've been interested in that part. Pls update on how the quality of the carbon is when you get it. :thumbsup:
  19. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    I think everything in the 2021; 2020 supra owner can add easily. Only thing I wish is red interior options like some other countries and footwell/glovebox lights since it's my daily.
  20. Did they make the new builds quieter? Just got mine. No crackles.

    This may sound dumb but I'm jealous that I don't have footwell lights and glove compartment lights from the AU models.:lol: Still wondering if It's plug n play if I buy those parts from Toyota AU or UK. I'm not used to how dark the interior of the car is at night compared to my past vehicles.