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  1. Cracked Taillights (Toyota said it's Normal) HELP **FIXED**

    Lol good luck. Toyota is not willing to fix anything with these cars. They do not support this car or stand behind it. Not sure if its because BMW makes it or what. Its a shame.
  2. Pacific North West Roll Call!

    Big meet up tomorrow at drift office for A90s. Look up Supra Sessions on Facebook
  3. Supra in Phantom Gray Recieving Velgen SL-5 Series

    Looks so good! Love the yellow calipers as well.
  4. My Orange A90 Supra

    Love your setup. You think a 275/35 would be too much for the front?
  5. Condensation in tail lights

    It dries up and then comes back. Toyota will do nothing about it. They claim its normal.
  6. MHD Flasher For 2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Any updates on IOS support?
  7. MHD Flasher For 2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    I have a deep hate for Android. I have never had good luck with them. I already have an iPad, iMac, Macbook, and iPhone. Rather not have to buy an Android just for tuning.
  8. MHD Flasher For 2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    IOS support will change my mind about MHD.
  9. How to Register NEW Toyota TPMS?

    I dont know the answer to your question but do you have an instagram with more pictures of your car?
  10. Looking for a great deal in Seattle area

    I would say that's a great discount for the area. Most people in our area did not even get it for MSRP.
  11. Condensation in tail lights

    Just wash by hand with a normal hose.
  12. Condensation in tail lights

    EDIT **Official Toyota Corporate stance on the matter is that its normal. They will not be replacing the tail lights** Started noticing condensation in my tail lights. Took my car to Toyota and at the moment they are un willing to replace the tail lights. Apparently the service tech showed my...
  13. My Orange A90 Supra

    Love this color. Wow!
  14. Apple carplay and speed limit detection option

    DM @Shuaib89 . They just got car play working in their Saudi Supra.
  15. Lowering Spring Install Shop

    Nice good to know. Just trying to deiced if I want to HKS adjustable ones or not.
  16. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    Gave my Turbulence Gray a new banner to look at in the garage.
  17. Supra Floor Mats

    Quarter turn the stock hook and loop velro. Once turned pull up to remove. Install new anchors in reverse order.
  18. Supra Floor Mats

    Did these end up fitting? If so mind letting me buy two off of you? Dont feel like buying 8 or whatever the minimum order is.
  19. Do you guys ever get tired of others bashing your A90 Supra? / Tired of the BMW comments?

    This is so true. Working in Redmond, WA we have lots of exotics and just very expensive vehicles in general everywhere. All of the nice comments come from people who own those cars. The only negative comments I get are from friends messing with me or people in legit shit boxes.
  20. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    I just puked. That was a roller coaster ride of pictures. Some upside down, some sideways.