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  1. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Washed it so it can be clean this weekend in the garage.
  2. Deer - 1 vs. Supra - 0

    Congrats on getting it back! I don't think that bumper is mounted properly though. You should have that checked. Hopefully you can get a new headlight soon as well.
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Great job! I didn’t realize it was matte like the other black pieces on the car. That blue is stunning as well!
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Actually did this on Friday but close enough. 😋 Removed the track pads and did a post-track oil change.
  5. Atlanta Area

    That was a lot of fun! We need to do that again. It was super (Supra?) fun!
  6. Xpel PPF issues?

    Very. The film pulls off fairly easy with a heat gun but the adhesive, that’s the hard part. I’d do a film change after five years. Two years is way too short. Sounds like a sales tactic.
  7. Sport vs normal mode?

    I use Sport most of the time but switch to Normal for highway cruising.
  8. mirrors not folding

    Even if it's not selected in the menu to fold when locked, you can press and hold the lock button on the key and they will fold.
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I completed the subwoofer port modification today. Thanks Tadda for the excellent write up on here! I am stunned how well the audio system sounds now.
  10. problem is bugging me.

    Take the belly pan off. It's pretty easy.
  11. Xpel PPF issues?

    Contact the selling dealer. I doubt corporate would get involved but you never know. You need to start with who you bought it from. Maybe they’ll pay for it to be replaced. You never know. Good luck!
  12. Pulsing Whine noise when in low gear above 4500 rpm

    It’s probably the Active Sound fake engine noise. You can turn it off with Bimmer Code.
  13. Xpel PPF issues?

    Sounds like a poor install job. Return to the installer.
  14. Atlanta Area

    Congrats! Nothing planned at this time. We should really try and nail something down though.
  15. How Many Miles On Supra?

    I'll go past 5,000 miles the next time I take it out. Purchased late August 2019.
  16. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    My list was short but it was comprised of: -Porsche Cayman S/GTS -Audi TTRS
  17. Tint or No Tint

    I always enjoy tint. The heat rejection is provides is great in the summer plus I really think it helps with the look of the car. I did 35% on the sides and rear.
  18. Did you get an extended warranty for your Supra?

    Cancel the warranty If you don’t want it. You’ll get pro-rated money back. There will be a number somewhere on the warranty paperwork. Cancel and go do your mods.
  19. Auto HVAC

    It’s a really weird system. When in auto, the fan speed button sets the maximum fan speed allowed. So the fan speed can vary, but it will go no higher than what is selected. Strangest climate control system I’ve ever seen.
  20. Atlanta Area

    Congrats! I’ve taken mine up through the twisties up there as well. The car handles amazingly! Right now my schedule is pretty open. Going to C&O on the 5th really depends on how hard I party on the 4th. I would definitely be down for a lunch or dinner meet up. I’m on-call for work most days...