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  1. Looking for Houston Area Members

    I guess I haven't seen this thread before - member with 2020 Renaissance Red since Dec. 2019 in west houston. Speaking of Houston, any good / reputable shops in town you guys take your Supras for mods?
  2. Magnaflow exhaust

    which catted DP do you have? and the protune works well with a catted DP too? I forget which map # is the one for DP... Sorry OP for off-topic question..
  3. Where are all the deals for the 2020?

    In my experience, CarGuru prices are "too good to be true" sometimes - just a click bait sometimes (if not often).
  4. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    oh yeah... I forgot manufacturers and dealers are in the business of getting money out of consumers...
  5. Supra garage door opener

    after re-trying probably for the 5th time in 4 months of ownership, still can't get it to work... giving up on it and just accepting the fact that there's a garage opener hanging on the sun visor. at one point following the instructions (i'm sure I was doing something wrong) 1. ended up not...
  6. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    while we wait for Mishimoto or someone else for a catch can... I've always wondered (i'm sure many have) why manufacturers don't just build in a catch can as part of the engineering design... it makes no sense to me.. we all know and they know carbon build up with DI engines is a problem... and...
  7. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    Also looking forward to any updates on this :)
  8. Toyota GR Supra Races Into 2021 with More Power and First-Ever Four-Cylinder Turbo Model

    well... I'm just hoping the after market still keeps developing for ~3000 units of 2020MY cars... that would suck otherwise... but as long as improved and proven upgrades are still available for the 2020s when my warranty runs out, I'm fine. Also, at least I'm hoping the silver lining will be...
  9. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Congrats from a fellow Houston Supra owner
  10. Any Dealers in Texas (or nearby state) selling at or below MSRP?

    I just bought one in Houston for ~2k off MSRP for premium. that dealer as of 1.5 weeks ago, had 3 other premiums. The GM of the dealer happened to wonder by on the showroom while waiting for PDI to complete and said hi and mentioned they'd rather move more Supras at no markup. They only show 1...
  11. U.S. Toyota Dealers without Mark Ups

    I got mine today for under MSRP - a couple in the Houston area offered below MSRP after one in Dallas started at below MSRP. At least most dealers in the area wanted at the most MSRP. a couple still wanted to hold on to their pipedream of marking up non-LE premiums still and flat out said "go...
  12. Any Dealers in Texas (or nearby state) selling at or below MSRP?

    So from what I'm reading here for toyota of Plano and autonation toyota as examples, it depends on the sales person not just the dealer?? Do sales folks gets a big commission off markups??? So just need to talk to the right person? That's weird... that would suggest it's the sales person, not...
  13. Any Dealers in Texas (or nearby state) selling at or below MSRP?

    Which dealer in houston gave you below msrp price??
  14. Finally got mine- SE Houston

    congrats! do you mind sharing which dealer in the college station / huntsville area? i know there's one in College station and another in huntsville..
  15. How many miles on your new Supra at delivery?

    Yeah I honestly wouldn't buy that car.. sure 100 miles who cares if the car already had 10000 miles on it.. but it's a brand new car who knows if they dragged it a quarter mile at a time 400 times at the port and that's your break in for your new car... I had worse though.. when I was shopping...
  16. U.S. Toyota Dealers without Mark Ups

    well, the dealer I went to see a Supra in person had 30k markup on an LE and referenced that crazy dealer somewhere that posted a LE for 190k and said that 30k markup was a great deal. I literally laughed in his face. Will patiently wait a few months until no markups around my area for...
  17. U.S. Supra Ordering: Pricing and Availability Details! Have You Ordered?

    I just visited a couple of dealers that had one in show room knowing they were charging hefty markups - I for sure will never pay anything above MSRP - just to see the car in person. When I asked when non-launch edition premiums will come in, they claimed non-launch edition Supras likely won't...