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  1. Key Fob Cover Options

    Red LE A91 - sup
  2. Carplay has disappeared

    Mine 2...nice. Guess I was wrong and it only took a week. 😁
  3. Carplay has disappeared

    I see your point but I know Toyota is not seeing this as a production issue. Cloud services is a different animal than manufacturing cars. It has been a week since we lost it. In your job I doubt any outage would last this long.
  4. Carplay has disappeared

    The cars are built, bought and paid for already. I seriously doubt Toyota/BMW will see this as production outages. My guess is 3-4 weeks best case and 2-3 months worst before we see CarPlay back.
  5. Carplay has disappeared

    The work is probably not time consuming. The red tape is what might be. I spend hours, sometimes days, just to bounce a server due to forms I have to fill out. :confused1:
  6. Carplay has disappeared

    I tried that and no dice.
  7. Carplay has disappeared

    This has BMW written all over it..some bullshit ota update I bet you.
  8. Carplay has disappeared

    Same here, disappeared this morning. Did not do anything but drive the thing last few weeks.
  9. Supra Clothing & Apparel / MKV Goodies (T-Shirt, mug, poster, hoodie, banner, etc.)

    I bought some stuff last year before I got my Supra. Keychain, coffee mug, T-shirt, a writing book and a carbon fiber pen.
  10. Supra Clothing & Apparel / MKV Goodies (T-Shirt, mug, poster, hoodie, banner, etc.) Some new merchandise available.
  11. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    How was it? Any photos/video?
  12. Incentives for MY2021 ?

    I havent seen any. If there are some it would be by end of the year or Spring 2021 as My2022 get ready to roll out. imo
  13. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Seems it has been cracked edit - saw on FB that the poster confirmed a jump on the gun. Seems no unlock yet. :hmm:
  14. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    I saw them in person today. Have to say the blue looks better in photos imo. sort of like the opposite effect the red had on me. Red was my last choice of the le and when i got stuck with it was bummed. Once i got it and did a clay/seal/wax on it man that red is pure sex.
  15. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    LE owners reading a91 delay posts
  16. Sold!

    Once they open I-10 I can make the drive. What’s the lowest you would go? Any curb rash or noticeable chips on the wheels?
  17. Disabling Active Sound Design without Coding

    I would imagine its up to the ear of the individual. To me it sounds great, in sport mode the cabin is quieter and the sound system sounds better. The pops and exhaust can still be heard (not as loud in the cabin) but you can tell they are coming from the outside. I love it but I have read of...
  18. Still Having CEL even after Ecutek 93 dyno tune

    I removed the cai and got to it from top.
  19. Still Having CEL even after Ecutek 93 dyno tune

    With bm3 I got a cel with the fabspeed extender. Removed the extender and it went away for good.