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  1. Steering noise

  2. Steering noise

    Took a look when I put my new wheels on and found the spring had shifted on the perch and the rubber sleeve was hanging off. No idea how that happened but had to take the spring off and set it right again. Hopefully it doesnt do it again. Strange that it did that at all since I had zero issues...
  3. Tomei Single Exit Exhaust System

    Still nothing on this months later??
  4. Whifbitz Titanium Intake/Charge Pipes Anyone running these? How is this company? Think these might be the only titanium ones out right now. Was waiting for a charge pipe from Boostlogic or HKS to come out but this one looks nice
  5. A90 garage carbon fiber shopping spree

    Are they full replacement pieces or just covers?
  6. Engine fluid cover/caps replacement

    I've only really seen the Verus ones. I dont know if there are any more options out at the moment.
  7. HKS intake....?

    Did you check for any exhaust leaks? Was the gasket put on the new dp?
  8. HKS intake....?

    I'm running Boostlogic downpipe and stock exhaust.
  9. HKS intake....?

    I got my email that its on the way. Excited to finally get it. Hopefully get it in next week and installed with a few other parts if I have time
  10. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    The rears do a tad but only when I hit hard bumps/pot holes. Normal riding its fine just have to watch the road.
  11. Huddleston's 2021 A91 Edition Supra Street Cup Build

    Thanks! I'll go with these then for sure. How's install? pop off and pop on I'm assuming?
  12. Huddleston's 2021 A91 Edition Supra Street Cup Build

    -NV Specialties carbon fiber seat inserts Are these complete replacements or do they go over the stock ones? If they are replacements do the oem just pop off? Looking into getting these possibly
  13. HKS intake....?

    I have my verus heat shield waiting along with blitz strut bar. Just waiting for the intake to do it all at once. Now I'm wondering if I should order the NV carbon radiator cover to match :hmm:
  14. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels Thats why I went with my set up. Just a matter of time though till someone goes with my specs and color. Glad I was first to get them though and be different!
  15. HKS intake....?

    I at least hope it sounds better than stock
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Carbon from NV? how was the install on the seats if so??
  17. HKS intake....?

    From the email they sent me I wasnt having much hope of getting mine this year but maybe we will
  18. HKS intake....?

    Who did you order through?
  19. Official NOCTURNAL BLACK Supra Club Thread

    Couple pics from a recent shoot with the new wheels.
  20. Wheel Size Help!

    Here's a preview for you