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  1. Vender headache

    Yep its getting annoying. I plan to go oem after they refund my money.
  2. Vender headache

    Pro import tuners is giving a huge hassle to mirror caps return when they dont fit. They are requesting i do the leg work to get their refund from seibon carbon.
  3. Seibon carbon fiber mirror caps

    Thats what it looks like and that the inner lock tab isnt even long enough. I took it off and reinstalled several times and then once I went back to the oem it snapped right in. Like i said the left side worked fine went on like butter. I worked at bmw i have installed the carbon fiber caps...
  4. Seibon carbon fiber mirror caps

    Has anyone had any issues with the seibon carbon fiber mirror caps? my right side will not fully click in. Pull it off and oem plastic cap pops right in and the driver side mirror cap went on just fine. has anyone had to warranty or deal with them before? Making the phone call monday not sure...
  5. Shaking at higher speeds?

    On bmws it is very crucial to put the suspension under load when tightening things like control arms up or the thrust arms. A normal body shop technician may not know this and your bushings may be bound up.
  6. Sport mode question

    Just depends how quick you are going while cruising.
  7. Anyone using JB4?

    When I say normal I am referring to shifting and if the acceleration is smooth or choppy?
  8. Anyone using JB4?

    How is it? Looking to only use on the map 1. Would i still have to plug it into obd port? That is only for the gauges and dtc reading correct? How has it been? Does it drive normal?
  9. 2020 Toyota Supra Premium for sale

    Sadly alot of the people here are here because they have one. Have you tried any other forumns related to just performance cars. Like a tuner forum.
  10. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    Wait sign up lol. Oops how do we do that?
  11. Wheel lug torque spec?

    All the same
  12. Wheel lug torque spec?

    When i get into work i will post 20 & 21 wheel torque
  13. Wheel lug torque spec?

    I have full access to this info if anyone needs anything.
  14. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    Ok yea just name the place!
  15. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    Ok so where do you wanna meet ? I think domain will serve for some good clean pre drive pictures. I doubt we will want to take many after that with the cars dirty asf.
  16. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    Nevermind. For some reason it takes me to a different town if I type in medina almost at the west border. But I see now where you are talking about.
  17. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    Medina? Says that is almost 5 hours from austin. Isnt twisted sisters up near kerrville?
  18. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    What time? Ill probably book a hotel in kerville and stay there Saturday night.
  19. Exhaust w/o Dp

    Its been very difficult to find them without the down pipe installed as well.