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  1. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    this is a rack at racetrack, it doesn't know about the internet or updating oem specs 💩 ignore the left side.
  2. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    Just throwing it out there if there’s been anyone wondering if the 21s had similar bad alignments from the factory... Threw this on a rack today, the front toe was unreal. edit: sorry, wrong thread, but will leave it here just for those satisfied with stock - check that shit! :p
  3. Do all 2021 Premiums come with DRCC?

    Just years of habitually using it in close proximity traffic that what the sensors consider requiring a brake generally don't, just that it needs an input (like a lane change or brief disengage without over-slowing the car and causing a concertina effect...which is traffic in a nutshell). It'd...
  4. Do all 2021 Premiums come with DRCC?

    Pretty sure you have it if you have a premium. It won't steer but it will slow the vehicle down if the vehicle in front slows down (or in most cases, someone merges into the space since its there, it will aggressively slow down). You can alter the distance from the detected vehicle using the...
  5. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    MSR Houston MSR Cresson Eagles Canyon Raceway Cota Hallett (OK) Texas Motor Speedway
  6. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Heights area here but work in Spring. I don't do Facebook so I guess I'm screwed here 💩
  7. Cheap Track Tires

    Falken 660s are the flavor of the month / year for 200tws competitively. Comparable times to the RE71 (with the RE71 being slightly faster) but with additional longevity. Crisp turn in, predictable at the limit. As comparison, RE71 will be cords around 6 hours in an enduro, 660 is making 8 with...
  8. Toyota Supra vs Honda Civic Type R

    It's a great car, and arguably worth every penny of its sticker. If you want a multi-purpose, manual gear box, engaging hatch back that can scoot, handle in a way that exudes confidence in the pouring rain, but also loads up a home depot trip or the dogs, friends, or a bunch of shit for a road...
  9. Toyota Supra vs Honda Civic Type R

    Owned an R for over two years, traded in for the A91. What's MSRP at for them now, 36?
  10. PEEFREE's A90 Supra Build

    I'm new to the A90 platform as well so I don't have a lot of depth here. Besides SPL, Verkline and Wisefab come to mind if you want to get wild.
  11. PEEFREE's A90 Supra Build

    If this is going to primarily live at the track, have you considered just going to sphericals or at least polyurethane bushings? This car feels like it has marshmellows and bushing deflection for days..:p I'd also ping TAPG as their build is gorgeous, dominated CoTA a few weeks back with WRL.
  12. Carplay has disappeared :p
  13. Carplay has disappeared

    No intervention so to speak. Went to check if it was back today and saw it reappear. Deleted the BT and did it via Carplay through iOS
  14. Carplay has disappeared

    Carplay has returned for me as of 12/6 at 12pm CST.
  15. TAPGMotorsports Onboard WRL 2020 COTA

    Live stream from their A90 today and tomorrow at COTA.
  16. Carplay has disappeared

    Literally have had zero issues with it until the issue described in this thread happened. It's been more or less flawless for me and I'm putting close to 900 miles a week on this car as my daily with heavy usage on it for navigation.