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  1. Austin Supras?

    I’ve heard they toned down the “burble” on the 2021’s
  2. Austin Supras?

    😢 Well, I believe you can still use a JB4 for now.
  3. Austin Supras?

    Yea you need to pull the ecu out to see the date sticker.
  4. Austin Supras?

    Welcome! I can put you in touch with my friends at BoostLogic for a downpipe and tune (if your car is tunable) Also if you’re on FB search for the ATX A90 group.
  5. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Those numbers are the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) not the weight of the car. That’s the maximum weight the car is rated to carry including itself, passengers, cargo, etc.
  6. Austin Supras?

    Going to Supercar Sunday on Sunday morning
  7. Austin Supras?

    Supercar Sunday is this weekend in Cedar Park.
  8. Austin Supras?

    If y’all are on FB I run the ATX A90 group, just started it recently, been wanting to setup a meet.
  9. Austin Supras?

    I should be able to make that
  10. Austin Supras?

    That was me!
  11. Sound System Upgrade

    Ah ok. I’m from Angelo but live in Austin now. The quote you got is pretty high, but unfortunately there’s not much competition there anymore so they can pretty much charge whatever they want. They do decent work though.
  12. Sound System Upgrade

    Never thought I’d see somebody else from San Angelo on here
  13. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Austin here, but always down for a road trip. I'll be down there for tx2k.
  14. Tire recommendation

    I have wheels on order and I've been doing exhaustive research on tires. I've narrowed it down to RE71R, AD08R, or R888R. I'm pretty positive I'm going to go with 888's.
  15. Nocturnal 175 a Love Story.

    Just curious, why 295 in the rear instead of 305?