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  1. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Im not blue, but i am also in the Spring area. I drive along 1960 almost everyday so I'll be looking around for blue supras hahaha
  2. Carplay has disappeared

    FYI, Saturday I had my first 5k miles service. To my surprise, one of the service managers randomly went up to me and asked if my Apple Carplay was gone. He then told me that the issue is from BMW's part. They sent out an update that wiped out the feature. When I asked for details on the...
  3. Carplay has disappeared

    Just a FYI, I called Toyota support this morning and the operator confirmed that it is a known issue.
  4. Carplay has disappeared

    Everything in this thread is accurate. I am closing into 5,000 miles and had no issues with the Apply Carplay until now.
  5. Tint or No Tint

    Some tint shops offer lifetime warranty.
  6. Tint or No Tint

    70% Windshield 30% Everything else
  7. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Door handles is the only thing that Z > Supra.
  8. Looking for Houston Area Members

    From Camden Midtown Apartments
  9. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    30% tint 70% ceramic Windshield
  10. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    I feel you on the carbon fiber, thought about it as well.
  11. Austin Supras?

    My gf lives in Austin. I will be taking the supra on my next visit. I was driving her car on FM 2222 heading to lake travis and all i could think about was driving the supra on that road hahaha
  12. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    What do you guys think about blackening out the roof on a turbulence gray supra? Im on the fence about it.
  13. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Is the first backup under the BimmerCode, basically the original factory settings?
  14. How Many Miles On Supra?

    Purchased May 29, just passed 1,000 miles yesterday.
  15. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Im in the Spring area
  16. Breaks Squeaking

    Found this thread because my brakes were squeaking every time I hit the brakes. But after 3 weeks the squeaks are very minimal now.