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  1. Smoke/fumes coming out of left side exhaust but not right? Help!

    Check the fuse before taking it in. If it turns out to be blown you can save yourself time and money. If it’s not then I’d say have it looked at.
  2. Smoke/fumes coming out of left side exhaust but not right? Help!

    That’s true, all Supras need a little time before it will open the valve. You hit the sport button right after initial start and it’s a couple minutes before the valve opens. But if you’re already warmed up then it’s a little odd to only be coming out of the left.
  3. Smoke/fumes coming out of left side exhaust but not right? Help!

    Obvious question, is the valve open?
  4. Vehicles with worst Drivers

    All that’s missing is a “Baby on Board” sticker.
  5. Multimedia display

    For all the advances in computer technology that BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH will forever be a constant.
  6. Best overall air intake upgrade?

    Actually the OEM likely has the best filtration. The aftermarket filters boast about airflow which means they do not filter as much brand new. The ironic thing about filters (engine intake, cabin air, even home HVAC) is the dirtier they get the better they filter because the openings get...
  7. Missing piece on all US spec hoods?

    Doesn’t appear to be on the Toyota parts website. Bit of a puzzler…
  8. Crash Supras on Public Roads

    In a hedge somewhere in Virginia.
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

  10. All-new 2023 Nissan Z makes world debut!

    To all those Z-Boys…
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Hmm… just pressing the button would turn on the lights. Press and holding or pressing 3 times quickly would cause the panic feature.
  12. Best overall air intake upgrade?

    Well… brand new, yes. But eventually even my BMC drop in could do a better job at filtration if I let it get dirty enough. There’s a very fine line that is the sweet spot between filtration and flow. You’d hope BMW did their research to find it with the OEM filter.
  13. DTRL at Night Coding?

    Don’t believe there is and also wouldn’t believe the LED strip could produce enough lumens to function safely as a headlight. Edit: Also that strip blinks for the front signal so essentially your headlight would be blinking amber whenever you indicate.
  14. Vehicles with worst Drivers

    Every vehicle with a driver who bought that particular vehicle based on the driver “aids” it came with.
  15. Crash Supras on Public Roads

    That Supra has done more off-roading than a vast majority of SUVs ever will.
  16. Exhaust Pipe size for determining Aftermarket Exhaust Tip

    Did you look here? There’s a good picture from @Munkeeboi
  17. Formula 1 Talk

    Maybe Ted Kravitz can find out for us exactly why Max didn’t let Checo back through.
  18. Formula 1 Talk

    Hmm… young Red Bull driver acts like a bad teammate…
  19. Formula 1 Talk

    Great onboard of the best sounding car on the track. (SC)