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  1. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    gonna wait this one out as well. I have mine tuned with no need to bench unlock. Going to enjoy it longer until I have to pay $$$ to unlock after I bring it in for the recall fix
  2. It's Time to Play "Will This Fit Back There?" / Your most ridiculous trunk pictures stories!

    all 4 stock PSS tires . No rims , trunk+passenger with it being inches away from my face.
  3. Speed Industry

    I ordered a few things from them and received it so they are legit however, like some others stated here..they annoyingly have things listed for sale but don’t state it is not in their warehouse stock. If you get unlucky, you’ll be waiting weeks if not a month to get what you ordered.
  4. Underdonk's '21 GR Supra 3.0 Premium HPDE Build

    awesome review! I was considering the AWE TRACK also but not sure if I can live with how loud it is since this is my daily. Since it's not an active exhaust, is non-sport mode still quiet enough to drive normally? How is the drone? I don't know anyone with the awe setup around me so hard to...
  5. Splash Guards

    the front rivets went in smoothly for you? I aligned mine to the holes and bashed them with a mallet.. pins still won’t budge..
  6. Splash Guards

    trying to install mine and damn is the kit inconsistent. Had to order new rivets cause the ones provided won’t bite for the front. The rear was PITA. Passenger side went well but for some reason the driver rears won’t connect to the thread when the splash guard is between the screw and spacer...
  7. Broken PCV valve TABs installing intake

    Hey all. I recently installed my MST intake and accidentally ( forcefully pulled ) broke the TABs off of my PCV valve? ( not sure if that's what its called) . At first it still secured onto the turbo inlet pipe so I went ahead and put everything together. Starting the car up and testing the...
  8. Upgrading intake and part snapped off

    I installed the MST intake today and although had some difficulty, i manage to get everything together. One of my PVC hose tab lock broke but it looks like it could still connect to the piece securely. However the intake doesn't sound like anything from videos I've seen and not even loud ( house...
  9. Driving Mode Poll: Which mode do you guys drive your Supras the most? Normal or Sport?

    Sport when I want draw attention. Normal to cruise. Only had it for two weeks though, haven’t gotten over 20 mpg yet lol