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  1. Unstable suspension

    Slide 26 You're better off with road biased tires vs track tires if you're looking for max traction under a certain temp range (sub 150F)
  2. Post 6/2020 ECU unlocked in US

    a classic read for all those new to automotive sports: tongue-in-cheek, but as with all good jokes, loosely based on reality
  3. APR carbon fiber wing and gurney flap $900

    APR carbon wing and gurney flap for the MKV Supra, no mounts, comes with endplates. $900 picked up in NY
  4. So I messed up… First Time Poster!

    You just need to depin the broken connectors, de pin the new plugs, and replace. Should be a 4 mins affair with a sewing needle
  5. So I messed up… First Time Poster!

    Rear License Plate Lamp/Stereo Speaker Connector Socket Plug for BMW PN 61132360043
  6. A90 Supra lap times at Lime Rock

    Thanks, am high 57’s now, aiming for 55-56 late this season once I wrap up these VR-1s. Which one were you, yellow, grey, or red this weekend?
  7. Half the Price of a Base 911... More Than Half the Fun?

    a Supra + ~$10k in non-power mods, inclusive of wheels, will pace most Porsche GT variants on track:
  8. Blown turbo at track - need help cooling it down

    thanks @geert.bieseman for the write up on the cooling system, very helpful, deserves its own thread. way better than random regurgitation of forum spiel without actual understanding of the topic. using your analysis, I may block off my passenger side rad ducting to reduce drag during cooler...
  9. Supra GT4 Brochure.

    Someone probably just left the url from another page. This is an older brochure, note the lack of secondary radiator vent on the front bumper
  10. Magnetic Paddle Shifter Mod

    i think it's this one:
  11. Magnetic Paddle Shifter Mod

    Offically they’re TE Connectivity connectors, but the bootleg versions will work fine, just a bit tight.
  12. Magnetic Paddle Shifter Mod

    If it helps me get to the top of a waiting list for the production product, I’m 99% sure they’re bmw speaker connectors, same as what’s used in the 3rd brake light...
  13. Finally - OEM working hood vents

    Water build up wouldn't matter, the engine bay gets wet from the under tray gaps and primary anyways. IIRC from cfd that part of the hood is in a high pressure zone, so possible for air to enter the engine bay vs exit.
  14. My Pewter Supra Build Log

    mostly depends on other drivers, lots of ego usually even with instructors
  15. My Pewter Supra Build Log

    how's the hpde4 run group at LRP with nasa ne? mostly fast platforms + drivers or is it traffic galore?
  16. What is an absolute needed change for time/grip track use?

    That’s quick, I’m at 1:28 at thunderbolt with cheap GLOC pads and stock rotors, but don’t think I had any brake related performance degradation between start of sessions and at the end. Can still lock up tires into ABS.
  17. What is an absolute needed change for time/grip track use?

    Curious, what’s your pace at NJMP such that your rotors can’t keep up?
  18. Rear fender question

    Are you sure it's aluminum and not steel?