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  1. 2023 Toyota GR Supra Manual Review Thread!!!

    Car and driver updated their review with their test numbers. They're the first magazine I've seen publish 0-60 and 1/4 times for the manual supra. The results are pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Manual...
  2. MT second gear top speed

    Engine RPM : 7000 Axle Ratio : 3.46 Tire Height (in) : 26.57 - - - Ratio MPH 1st: 4.110 38.91 2nd: 2.315 69.08 3rd: 1.542 103.71 4th: 1.179 135.64 5th: 1.00 159.92 6th 0.846 189.03
  3. Have the MT premiums started hitting Dealerships?

    As long as you're honest on the form when applying for a quote its super easy. They showed up, quickly inspected the car and drove it around the block then handed me a check. They were here for less than 20 minutes before I was handed the check. They didn't even bother to open the hood up...
  4. Have the MT premiums started hitting Dealerships?

    I really hate how Toyota does their "ordering" process. I put a deposit down the first day they announced the manual back in April and still haven't heard anything. I need to follow up with the dealer this week though. Just sold my other car to Carvana for way too much. No idea how they're...
  5. Non A91-MT Owners

    That's the case in other countries. Not in the US though. Only the A91 edition gets the red badges.
  6. Extremely weird thing happened to My MT Supra

    I wonder if it's a bad batch of clips or they just aren't putting them on right from the factory.
  7. MST Toyota Supra Intake - Best Price + Free Shipping!

    Any idea when these will be back in stock and are there going to be any black friday deals on them?
  8. Burbles ... Love 'em or Hate 'em?

    Burble tunes were never cool and definitely aren't now that every Focus ST you come across sounds like a machine gun when they let off the throttle. They ruin cats and honestly just sound bad in general. The exhaust note on deceleration is so much better than random backfiring. I really wish...
  9. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    Looks like someone got a 2023 3.0 MT in stratosphere delivered already. This is the first I've seen in the US.
  10. Extremely weird thing happened to My MT Supra

    BMW shift knobs don't screw on. I'm guessing someone just didn't have yours pressed on all the way.
  11. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    Seems lower than I would expect. Are you all putting the car in dyno mode? Maybe that's not even necessary on the manuals. I'm not sure what all that mode does.
  12. Exhaust valve control

    The purpose of a catalytic converter is to "burn off" excess emissions that don't get burned during normal combustion. Without that you get a lot more of a smell coming from the exhaust. It's very noticeable if you're driving behind someone that doesn't have a cat installed.
  13. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    It's technically a no cost option. I think it's just required that you order the manual with the drivers assistance package vs it being optional for the automatics. If you fully option out a 3.0 premium auto vs the manual, it's the same price.
  14. Deposit done, now the waiting game....

    I'd guess September wasn't fully reported last time they updated the database.
  15. Deposit done, now the waiting game....

    This website has that info:
  16. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    According to Toyota's VIN analyzer it's actually a manual. I've seen a lot of dealers label automatics as manuals on their websites and car gurus but this one is actually a manual it seems.
  17. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    Sounds like non-A91 manuals are officially being allocated now...