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  1. 2023 Toyota Prius Unveiled

    As a former Prius owner (I traded mine in for a 4runner 🤷‍♂️), I think it's an unfairly maligned vehicle. There's this negative perception of the Prius in enthusiast subculture, and unless you've driven the car yourself it's unlikely you'll understand it. The Prius is not just some...
  2. How to PROPERLY exit a GR Supra / MKV / A90

    Everyone complains about the wind buffeting as their #1 issue with this car (or perhaps the lack of a trunk button on the back), but I believe ingress/egress is easily the worst part of MKV ownership. It's not a deal breaker obviously but it does make the livability ever so slightly worse.
  3. BMW Oil and Brake Fluid

    So I took my 2020 Supra into the dealership today to get the brake fluid warning light checked (see this thread) as well as get my 20k service done and state safety/emissions inspection The dealership ended up comping me the inspection because they were out of stock of the oil and brake fluid...
  4. 2020 or 2022?

    I did the recall reflash on my 2020. Full screen CarPlay is where it’s at. Also, it didn’t prevent me from unlocking my ECU afterwards and running EcuTek. You should go get the recall done.
  5. First Supra vs Nissan Z side by side direct comparison look

    The new Z has a great ass, though.