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  1. Measuring Engine Oil Level | Continuously Fails at 21%

    Don’t do this yourself if you can help it. Requires steering rack to be dropped and there is two torque-to-yield bolts in there you will need to order new ones. had my dealership do it under warranty.
  2. Measuring Engine Oil Level | Continuously Fails at 21%

    Same sensor, that is why it is dangerous. At least you get SOME reading. It can also have to do with the oil pump, which was replaced for me as well. Once they replaced the sensor it wasn't working again until the oil pump got replaced as well.
  3. Measuring Engine Oil Level | Continuously Fails at 21%

    You don’t. Very dangerous situation. When I had mine replaced it was seized completely so any reading would be false. you Can go to the bimmerlink dashboard and add a gauge for “raw oil level” and “min recognized level” that should show you these results
  4. Tuning for Manual A90

    Anything more than stock power on track is a handful. Personally I flash down to lower power when I’m being serious about carrying my speed instead of smoking tires.
  5. FS: I'm going to put a 2J in it

    Bros you guys know there is other ECUs for sale in the forums? I’ve also got one a friend is holding, but don’t expect the price to be below $2k if you blow up my dm.
  6. Ads.... Seriously

    Look I only saw it mentioned once in this thread, but you guys should use brave browser if you don’t want to see ads. pihole is a great option too, I’ve got one in my network blocking an unholy number of ads.
  7. Two sets of FULLY ASSEMBLED shift paddles for your A90 Supra | GREAT DEAL

    Bumping this, offer me something for these paddles
  8. Stock steering wheel for A90 Supra | $85

    Geez guess this isn't that desirable.. $85
  9. Tuning for Manual A90

    Okay so I completely understand this argument, and similarly I understand this argument coming from guys who still go Femto but end up on BM3. To get the same smooth power delivery, and the same numbers you get on MHD OTS tunes you have to spend at least the same amount on a JB4, and even more...
  10. Tuning for Manual A90

    Now I really really wanna see a build thread by you..
  11. Tuning for Manual A90

    Be a chap and post a cost breakdown for us when you’re all done. Would love to see what you get and what you pay. 500hp+ in that manual Supra must be nutty
  12. Tuning for Manual A90

    Much love, just trying to give you a heads up.
  13. Tuning for Manual A90

    Here’s an entire thread dedicated to Visconti screwing customers:
  14. Tuning for Manual A90

    Oh and he won’t let you have the read file for your OWN ECU. He keeps the file unless you pay him again for the clone service. Anyone who goes direct could clone their ecu without shipping it again, so long as you have access to bFlash hardware and Femto software.
  15. Tuning for Manual A90

    Also fuck Visconti is the general sentiment here. $750 to go through Femto direct, vs $1800 for John.
  16. Tuning for Manual A90

    Ehhhh, warranty a JB4 car is something heavily criticized here. Won’t catch anyone defending you for that.
  17. Tuning for Manual A90

    It’s not even that, jb4 just drives terrible in my experience. It’s like adding latency to the pedal, and the feel is so disconnected. it’s basically the same price as Femto, the only reason I could see someone suggest JB4 over Femto, is because you’re really really scared of shipping your ecu...
  18. Tuning for Manual A90

    I’ll be honest, I don’t know why jb4 gets recommended so many times when the partial unlock from Femto is only $750 including return shipping. totally worth it, especially for you manual guys who cant even clone yet.
  19. Driveway Labs Rear Diffuser

    Any renders yet on the car?