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  1. FS: JB4 Tuner for Sale

    Have 1 JB4 Tuner for 2020+ Supra. JB4 unit shown below, has included USB connection: $300 plus actual shipping. PM or email me at: dschotz at gmail dot com Best regards, Dave
  2. FS: Burger Motorsports JB4

    SOLD Hello, up for sale is my Burger Motorsports (BMS) JB4, complete with the Bluetooth connect kit. This one was used for only 500 miles before selling car and is in excellent condition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. $450 OBO. Willing to ship. Thanks!
  3. 2020 Launch Edition Supra w/ 500 miles For Sale

    2020 LE #205 For Sale, 535 miles. Full details here:
  4. Selling BC-Forged Wheels 18" Track Setup

    More details can be found here: Thanks, Dave
  5. FS: BC Forged wheels for sale

    Sold Purchased new December BC Forged 18" RZ-05 wheels OEM Sizes, but in 18" , to take advantage of more tire choices for SuperLap Battle, Autox, Global Time Attack etc... Front - 18x9 +27mm Offset Rear - 18x10 +35mm Offset Like new, no scratches, or curbmarks. Used in 4 Autox events...
  6. Selling Complete Brand new MCS Suspension for Supra

    All the details here: Best regards, Dave
  7. Selling Complete Brand new MCS Suspension for Supra

    All the details here: Best regards, Dave
  8. FS: MCS Double Adjustable Shocks for OEM or Aftermarket Springs NEW!

    SOLD Hi guys, well Covid through us for quite the curve this year... I had custom ordered through Pro Parts one of the first sets of Production MCS Double Adjustable Shocks for the 2020+ Supra. I had the rears installed for 2 events. The Fronts, have never been installed, as new with all...
  9. FS: 2020 Supra Launch Edition #1023

  10. FS: JB4 w/ Bluetooth Module

    Sold Sold Hi Guys, I have my like new JB4 w/ installed Bluetooth module for easy on the fly map changes for sale. Ran in my 2020 Supra flawlessly, however the SCCA Auto-X Season is about to be underway, and not legal in SCCA B-Street. Everything is as new, comes in original packaging...
  11. Rear Cargo shelf?

    Not sure if anyone who has converted their car to purely track may have theirs available? My dad has misplaced his, from his car and wanted to see if anyone might have their lying around? Happy to pay for it plus shipping to Phoenix. Pm or reply here please. Best Regards, Dave
  12. New BC-Forged Wheels installed!

    As I'm getting the 2020 Supra ready for SCCA B-Street, the new BC-Forged wheels arrived today! 18x9 Front weighing 18.6 lbs 18x10 Rear 19.5 lbs Couldn't have been more impressed with the quality of the wheels, and how light they turned out! Running 265/35/19 Yokohama Advan A052 Front...
  13. WTB: Looking for stock shocks / takeoffs

    Hi guys, I’m hoping someone who may have done aftermarket coilovers may have their stock shocks laying around. Looking to buy a complete set, or borrow/trade a set... so I can send them off to get custom valved and then will send my oem back to original owner if they want there take offs back...
  14. Cusco 28mm Sway Bar install

    Finally received the Supra Cusco Front Sway bar for our supra. We will be campaigning the car in SCCA B-Street. I've been campaigning the car with my son locally in AZ, and we've downsized the 19" wheels to 18x9 and 18x10 (factory offsets). And Yokohama A052 200TW tires. And now the Cusco...
  15. Any Handheld Flash Tuners Available?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a handheld flash tuner for our Supra's? I'd like to be able to have a tune for 91 octane and 100 octane (or E85). Best Regards, Dave