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  1. Anyone have the Valvemaster titanium exhaust?

    Looking for thoughts and impressions:
  2. Blew some fuses, I think?

    Quick recap of what I did: I was looking to use hardwire my Uniden R3 into the fuses in the rearview mirror housing. While putting the housing back on, I must've caught the wire and put it in a weird position bc I heard a pop (assuming a short and a blown fuse there) which then started up a...
  3. RK charge pipe and Eventuri engine cover?

    Anyone here with an RK charge pipe & and Eventuri engine cover? I'm seeing that one of the sensors hits the cover, and was curious if you have some rough measurements for trimming the engine cover to fit.
  4. Follow-up post for my grad school project

    This is a follow-up to my other thread on steering wheel feedback. I'd appreciate some evaluation on my prototype based on the feedback from my survey in that thread, as well as several opinions. Link to the evaluation survey (again, I'm not recording any information here, and I'm not...
  5. Sound clips of the GRMN

    ...I'll see myself out.
  6. Prior design rear diffuser in the USA?

    Anyone have the rear diffuser alone from the Prior design body kit in the States? I've only found which is a full kit, not just the diffuser.
  7. Steering wheel button feedback

    For my final project in my Human-Computer interaction class, I'm looking to redesign (on paper only) the Supra's steering wheel button interface. It'd be great if I can get some feedback, thoughts, and input from the folks here either via my survey...
  8. Thoughts/Feedback on VividRacing and Titan catback exhausts?

    Hey guys, I've been keeping my eye out for for a dual exit valved titanium catback setup that still uses the valves. I want the dual exit since I prefer the symmetry of it Valves are a must. A lot of nearby cities are ticketing loud exhausts, so I don't want to attract even more attention when...
  9. 3.0 base trim rear brake pads? (street + occasional track use)

    For those of you with the 3.0 base model, you may or may not already know that the rear rotor is slightly smaller than the 3.0 premium rear rotor. I'm curious if I should have any fitment issues ordering CSG CP or Carbotech AX6 pads, since they don't seem to distinguish on the rear rotors. R1 is...
  10. @seamkv.supra / romanLegion9574's build log & history

    Today marks 1 year of ownership for me (approximately 13k miles), so I figured it would make sense to do a quick build log and some of my learnings with the car: Installed parts/mods (no particular order): PPF Ceramic coat JB4 AA catted DP Verus turbo heat shield MST intake V2 with clear lid...
  11. Pretty glad Toyota handled the Supra's styling... BMW makes great internals, but that exterior is downright ugly. I'm glad they didn't have the same level of input into the Supra.
  12. Forza Horizon 5 A91 Stripes and "spoiler" vinyls

    For those of you who want A91 stripes and a lip spoiler look (no lip spoiler in the game, so I mocked up some vinyls to look like it) on your Supras in Forza Horizon 5, here's some vinyls made for it. They're black, so they won't appear on black Supras -- I'll use this thread for updates to the...
  13. MST Clear intake advice

    Hey guys, I ordered the MST clear intake cover. Any tips on attaching the rubber edge? Did you guys use clamps or something to bend it into shape? Mine is remaining curved, and edges keep popping off as I try to attach different parts of it.
  14. Advice for MST intake lid fitment?

    As the title says. I'm having trouble getting the lid lined up to get the screws in. The rubber siding seems to be a bit too thick and what looks like a wiring loom also appears to be getting in the way. Any advice?
  15. Pacific Raceways WA Complimentary HPDE

    Anyone from the Pacific NW hear anything about complimentary track days at Pacific Raceways? The website lists Pacific Raceways but I haven't seen any Pacific Raceway option for a couple of weeks now. The drive to Thunderhill is also quite a long trip, so I'd prefer it to be closer.
  16. Supra Track Day Prep

    I've got my first track day (sort of -- an HPDE all day lesson) for my stock '21 Supra coming up in 2 weeks. I'm at 5800 miles (still on the stock tires), and had an oil change done about 1200 miles ago. Anything I should get sorted out before taking it on the track? I've never done a track day...
  17. Trunk is stuck and won't open

    Hey guys, I closed my trunk after taking some stuff out and the latching didn't sound normal -- I tried to reopen it with both the release button on the door as well as the fob and the trunk is staying locked. No "trunk unlocked" warning shows up when I turn the car on. I can see that the...