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  1. A91-CF pricing. $64,275 starting MSRP

    $64,275 starting price, over $68k fully loaded.
  2. Lotus Emira

    Really looking forward to the reveal of the Emira. Which I think is a far more interesting option as a Supra replacement than the 400Z. Engines available are rumored to be a 2 liter turbo 4 cylinder and a supercharged Toyota 6 cylinder. Reveal is July 6th and reportedly IS coming to the U.S.
  3. Racing helmets

    I have a few track days coming up in the Supra, and while trying on my helmet in the car, I noticed it's touching the roof. I can manage, but only just. Is there such a thing as a low profile helmet? If you're 6 foot 3 ish, and you've tracked your Supra, let me know what you used and how much...
  4. WTB OEM plastic mirror covers

    WTB the OEM plastic mirror covers, NOT the carbon fiber ones. Let me know a price.
  5. HPDE in Pittsburgh

    I'm going! Are you?
  6. Can you use Bimmercode with locked ECU?

    Tried searching for it, but didn't see anything definitive. Would like to know before I buy it and find out I can't use it.
  7. Which jack stands do you use?

    Like the title says, which jack stands do you use with the BMW pucks? Seems a bit scary to put the pucks in the curved axle type stands?
  8. CTEK quick disconnect install

    I've seen a few threads where they were installed under the hood, but I don't want some loose wire hanging by the engine all year round. I went into the trunk and the positive cable has a stud specifically to hook up accessories on. Pull off the red cap and there's a nut underneath. I installed...
  9. Tein lowering springs

    anybody have these installed? I've always had a great experience with Tein springs on my rotaries, wondering if anyone tried these on their Supra yet. They were released in June and they have the silencers installed on the coils, so I'm hoping these won't be noisy like the H&R springs.
  10. 2021 Supra Builder Website is live

    2021 Supra builder live
  11. More 2021 info, 3.0 gets higher redline (supposedly)

    New article about the 2021 Supra
  12. '21 orders opening?

    Anyone know when the '21 window opens to order?
  13. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Ordered my A91 edition in Refraction Blue, for MSRP. Dealership was fantastic. Took a yellow one on a test drive, twice, sat in a black and a phantom matte gray, which they discounted, but I want the '21 in blue. And now, we wait.