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  1. 2019 Toyota Supra Prototype Reveals Production Intent Design/Parts

    Thanks for posting. I have to say it's looking like that Jalopnik rendering may have been on point. I still think there are some fake or donor parts on this car that are making it look frumpy. @BrettS nice shot! Get some more for us, the interior plz. Any clues about engine/transmission?
  2. 2019 Toyota Supra - First Prototype Spotted! Photos & Video Inside

    I came across new pics I think, unless they have been posted already.
  3. Toyota confirms Supra revival concept for 2016 reveal

    No from this article from 2015 Tada said it was a "surprise for next year" so.... still have about 6 months for it to happen.
  4. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Can't believe its been 2 years since the FT1 was shown. Now im hoping no more concepts, I can't wait another few years while they buy more time. Let's see a prototype already.
  5. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    S-FR just doesn't quite flow off the tongue huh? might just be too used to seeing FRS. Either way I'm glad to see a new "FR" hinted in the works.
  6. Crickets... give us some news Toyota!

    Speaking of which they just announced the GT350 pricing to be under 50 grand and the R version at under 65. I have to say, that has me thinking. I would rather look for a new Supra but they seem to be dragging their feet.
  7. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Still making its rounds in the auto shows is a good sign. I think they are just biding their time until Tokyo.
  8. Interviews with Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada

    I say make the 86 the entry level (go down market with it) and give us a proper mid-engined MR2 successor. The coupe not the spyder. Position that slightly above where the 86 is right now. With the Supra above that, that would be a pretty awesome sports car line up.
  9. The Engine Speculation Thread

    Agree on the weight issue, a twin turbo V6 and V8 will have negligible weight difference. Engine is a huge sticking point, I doubt the decision to go with 6 or 8 falls on 20-50 pounds or whatever the difference is. I'd say it is more about what fits the image of the car and the cost of...
  10. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    I don't think ft86 is a good gauge for public opinion about the target price of the MKV supra. The two only share that they are from the same company. I don't think there will be a lot of 86 owners who will be shopping the Ft1, maybe besides a few on this forum :D
  11. MKV Toyota Supra Dimensions / Specs leaked in Best Car Magazine

    I didn't realize the GT6 specs have it listed at 184 in. That's huge. Is that the full concept size?
  12. Will the 2017 Supra use carbon fiber?

    This is from a while ago but i would think it still applies: "Pricey yes, but should you pull an Erikson and smash into something at 200mph, at least you’re safer with carbon fiber than steel, right? Er, no. Top Gear fans will recall that The Stig crashed an 800hp+ Koenigsegg CCX’s carbon fiber...
  13. The Pricing Thread + Potential US Tariffs Impact

    Would LOOOOVE to see that. Mid-engined cars are currently basically reserved for the rich. 'Cheapest' one available is the Boxster which starts above $50k and most of them are more than $100k.
  14. Reviving the Supra - does Toyota really benefit?

    Yea look at all the buzz around the Ford GT also. How many people just took notice of Ford performance vehicles as a result? It should trickle down to the whole Mustang line just knowing they have been developing DCT, carbon fiber wheels/brakes, flat plane engines, etc.
  15. New Ford GT leaked?

    This thing is just wild! Gotta mix of lambo and lotus to me.
  16. Production-Spec Acura NSX to Debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January

    Was hoping it would be more lower 100's. Not like I could afford it even at that price but they might have some problems convincing exotic buyers to shell out > $150k for an Acura. Thought so too especially that roofline and C pillar area.
  17. FT-1 / A90 Supra and Competitors' Dimensions Compared

    It's nothing new. Under the bright lights and big stage, a normal car can look small and plain. That's why concepts tend to go big and bold for more shock value.
  18. Must Read: the Birth Story of the FT-1 Concept

    It's good for everyone, just like how they use 3D printers more and more for parts and prototypes. It's a cheap way to test out parts and performance before investing billions. The lead time from concept to production cuts down big time too.
  19. Wish List for the new Supra / Must Have Futures and Options!

    It's a concept car, it is supposed to look ahead of its time. The production car will not look so futuristic. At the same time the Supra has been out of production for well over a decade and Toyota has been mostly out of the sports car game that entire time. They need to come in with a bang, not...