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  1. FS: PRICE REDUCED - Active Autowerke Catted Downpipe - $1050

    Bump for price reduction from $1150 to $1050!
  2. 2020 Supra ECU - Pre 06.2020 ECU - Clone Donor

    Most importantly, what is the finger tat on that beautiful hand?
  3. Move to G87 M2?

    You gotta drive one. If you like it more, buy it. Specs don't equate to more fun. It's subjective.
  4. MST Clear intake advice

    Thanks - I thought so, but was having trouble getting the bad boy in there. The thinnest of films of silicone grease let it shift around enough that it seated properly. Mucho appreciated for the assistance! That picture of the stock intake, which of course I didn't think about taking a look at...
  5. MST Clear intake advice

    Using logic and available data seems unwise. And it's supposed to fit into this little channel right here?
  6. MST Clear intake advice

    @suicidaleggroll Thank you both for confirming this - much appreciated. I was having the same issue squishing it in there, which is why I ask. Since the top and bottom of the gasket isn't the same, do you remember the orientation it was inserted? Shining a light in the inlet pipe, it's not...
  7. MST Clear intake advice

    Unearthing this post rather than creating a new one. I think a YouTube video unnecessarily sent me down a rabbit hole. For those who have installed the MST v2 intake, have you taken the gasket on the right out of the stock intake and put it into the inlet pipe on the left that comes with the MST...
  8. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I run the Verus MBC brace and it works as advertised. Was actually one of the first mods I did on my car in an attempt to get better feel from the brakes. It does make jamming the JB4 in there a little more complicated, though! I suppose I look at the SPL parts a little differently. They are for...
  9. Mod friendly dealerships?

    Just a general note, but you have to pay to play in regards to modifying your car. I know this stuff is fun, and I've been where you are, but if you're that worried about your warranty I highly recommend enjoying your car in a stock form.
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I was really hoping someone would do both of these together to see what they do. No way I'd do it for the money, but I dig the tech too and am interested to hear if they actually have any impact on the way the car feels.
  11. Camera Mount For Trunk Harness Bar / Brace

    Suction cup mount worked just fine for me on that thing. I found I had to re-suction it every couple of weekends or it would fly off eventually. On a proper bar I use a clamp style.
  12. Mikey Botti first to the 7s

    And not wear his hans device!
  13. DarkZupra's Build

    Sweet! Doing the epoxy floor in ours and adding a big ol' cabinet was one of the best things I've done to the garage. Painting it a pleasant color was close behind. Please post pics when you're done!
  14. DarkZupra's Build

    Thanks for this! I will order one for next season and give it a go. Sorry to take a shit in your build thread, @DarkZupra.
  15. DarkZupra's Build

    I mean, your scenario is pretty much what we do every day with everything. We rarely ever take all available safety precautions... about anything. For comfort, perceived risk (even if it's wrong), vanity, etc. It's a personal, risk-based decision. I don't always wear a hans device because a...
  16. DarkZupra's Build

    @NitroYellowMKV @DarkZupra @zrk Yeah, I understand that you need to have the correct seat (and anchor points) to do a harness. What I've never heard is that you have to wear a helmet and a hans device with a harness or you will die. Wearing a helmet with a roll cage/bar in the car including...
  17. Idea - Dimple Die Floorboards

    I missed that it was just Velcro holding it down 😂 Yeah that would be a no-go for any track use. Would love a product like this that is secured properly.
  18. DarkZupra's Build

    Where did you hear this?
  19. zrk / a90_nojz Build

    Wanna fight?
  20. Your Favourite Suspension Mods!! go!

    I just told them very specifically to "calibrate the DSC to clear the chassis code and I understand I will be paying for it and will not be covered under warranty." They also brought the tech (who happened to be the shop foreman) up to talk to me about it. He knew exactly what I was talking...