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  1. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    I don't know why some of you guys get really heated with the BMW comments. Technically, it is. So what? It's still a fun as hell car.
  2. Chief Engineer Says Supra's Blocked-Off Air Vents Can Be Made Functional / Functional vents possible?

    I hear ya, dawg. I was about to buy one but they were having issues turning on the instrument cluster. I told him that I will rather wait a bit more. Might check the 2021 ones out instead.
  3. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk
  4. 2021 Toyota GR Supra A91 Edition Revealed. Limited To 1,000 Units

    That color is nice. Definitely gonna check one out when it hits the dealers.
  5. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk

    I was expecting a 2020 or 2021 reveal.
  6. This is the 2020 mid-engine Chevy Corvette / C8 Corvette Z06 revealed

    I always liked the Corvettes but i never thought id want one. I love the interior. So reminiscent of the old MK4 interior i wanted so bad in the new Supra instead of the very BMW'ish look we got. :cry:
  7. Mazda developing straight-six Skyactiv-X & Skyactiv-D engines. Will Toyota use Mazda's I6?

    Toyota: It's too expensive to make our own inline six or Supra. Mazda: *Laughs in Japanese* o_O
  8. US Launch Edition Supra details and images

    Yikes.. those markups are pretty steep. I'm gonna have to sit this one out for a year or two and see where this goes. :confused:
  9. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Ok, I'll bite.. I'm interested in the GRMN version. :rant:
  10. This is the new Toyota Supra (EU Spec)! Revealed in email from Toyota Germany

    Come on.. Are we all really surpised at this point?
  11. Leaked! Front of 2020 Toyota Supra production model first look!!

    Because anyone can lack common sense.
  12. Leaked! Rear of 2020 Toyota Supra!

    Would it even be considered a reveal at this point? Lol
  13. Leaked! Front of 2020 Toyota Supra production model first look!!

    Jeez! Give the car a refresh already, Toyota!
  14. Lexus RC350 & RC-F

    I like the RCF's looks and interior better. The M4's reliability might be better now but the maintenance is still pretty expensive.
  15. Lexus RC350 & RC-F

    I had the choice between a M4 and RCF. Got the RCF. You just can't beat reliability and the sound of that sweet V8! I am also excited to see the RCF track edition!
  16. Matador


  17. I got a chance to see the new Supra without any camo!

    I was really hoping for a retractable spoiler. :confused: