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  1. San Diego Supra Discord Chat

    Hello everyone! If you are in San Diego, Please join our discord chat! I have hosted the link at: The chat is steadily growing and it's only 3 days old. See you guys there!
  2. Show us your Icon

    Show us your icon @zrk @SD_MK
  3. WTB: Renaissance Red Front Bumper

    I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a red supra bumper in good condition for sale? Let me know!
  4. Renaissance Red LE mirror caps?

    Anyone got any renaissance red LE mirror caps for sale? Lmk

    I purchased a 2022 supra on Tuesday and I immediately had problems. I returned the car less than 24hrs and requested a refund. I spent practically 32 hours over 4 days trying to get my money back - they were super rude and unethical. The Sales Manager was a dick and continued to power flex on me...
  6. A place in SoCal for Paint correction and Ceramic coating?

    Hey all ? In the anticipation of getting my Supra, I am curious to know if anyone can recommend a good place in SoCal to get paint correction and ceramic coating, along with avg price of what they paid. Thanks
  7. California SMOG exempt if I buy brand new OUTSIDE

    Hello all, I wanted to see if anyone knows the answer to this question If I were to purchase a BRAND NEW Supra outside of California and register it to California as first owner, will I be exempt from California smog for 8 years? I think it should be good per this page...
  8. 2020 or wait for Toyota deals on Supras?

    Hey all it's me again. Lol I was able to find the exact color of a 2020 supra with low miles (3k) for a price I can afford it at, however after apr and everything it's going to come out to be 56-57k... Basically, the price of a new one. Should I wait for 22s or pull the trigger on the 20...
  9. 2021 Supra 3.0 premium deal - should I do it?

    I was able to get these slimey salesman to sell me a supra for $53,854 and taxes and all the other add ons aren't really visible. This is what he told me "the car Price Selling price $ 53,854 plus $500 dealer processing fee + CA sales tax, DMV tag & title fee plus any applicable county...