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  1. Southwest Indiana

    Awesome and thank you!! Should meet up sometime
  2. ** bootmod3 Black November SALE **

    So, let me get this straight, you CAN write to swfa on the ecu with a femto unlock?
  3. MHD and port injection question

    Exactly why I chose mhd. I'm going to talk to ces when the money is right about going down there. They're about 9-10 hours from where I am located. The fact they pretty much developed the mhd ots maps for the Supra is why I feel good going with ots for now.
  4. Megan racing rear toe and camber arms

    Haven't forgotten about these lol. I'm highly interested, but just waiting on a few things first.
  5. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    Toyota has said I thought before, they want to smake small changes every year and every year will have a limited edition A91 moniker. Next year could see open vents and more fine tuning of the manual trans. 24-more suspension tuning and over all tuning. 25-updated interior design tuning and...
  6. Favorite site for Supa parts? One stop shop

    I second this. Definitely my go to.
  7. Megan racing rear toe and camber arms

    How much? How are they compared to the spls?
  8. BMW background or just a lover of the supra?

    I am a BMW lover lol. I had a 325 and then when I got a 335msport I never looked back. I was going to a m2comp and then I decided to use my massive work discount (Toyota manufacturing) the Supra was a no Brainer.
  9. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    I really don't know about any "buzz" for the Supra to begin with. Could very well be because of my work, but even with the manual, it was just a manual is coming for a few days then how it's always been Wow a lot of punctuation errors for one hand. Too lazy to fix😂
  10. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    Concept doesn't mean that it works. There would be so much more testing necessary. Even without all that, people are forgetting about the contract between the two.
  11. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    I truly don't think a targa top is ever coming. I only say that due to the contract made with bmw. Bmw would produce the Convertible and Toyota the coupe.targa isn't a true convertible I know, but probably some lingo in there to stop that. Just my thoughts. And I don't think a new iteration will...
  12. Aftermarket Wheel Center Caps

    Can you use a plastic tool remover to take off the stock, or do you need to remove the wheels?
  13. Manuals Unlocked?

    Well poop on my parade 😂😂 I don't have a Mt, just thought this would be a little helpful
  14. Manuals Unlocked?

    I'm by no means saying you are wrong, but from this it seems like they have. I could be wrong, but check their Instagram and here's a screenshot
  15. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Awesome thank you! Not sure about the louvers, but keep me (us) updated! Look forward to all the products you bring out. Quality looks and sounds great.
  16. Manuals Unlocked?
  17. Manuals Unlocked?

    Checking femtos Instagram story they post a 6spd being unlocked. So for all of you manuals looks like it's incoming if not already available!
  18. Supra Aftermarket Parts

    My go to for a long time has always been @Extreme Power House always been a pleasure to work with back before I even had a supra. If they don't have what I want Speedindustry, and honestly the marketplace here is always worth a look!
  19. Supra Mod Development Thread

    A separate company makes them. I've seen them before.
  20. Custom Carbon Fiber Dash Inserts

    Interested in the A91 1 of 1000