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  1. Supra Vs. NUTmobile

    This seemed slightly entertaining, but mostly cringey lol. I am NUT at all into this.
  2. How the Supra Chief Designer Shaped Toyota’s New Sports Car

    Tried checking it out... Apparently you need to subscribe to watch ($$) so gay lol
  3. First 2020 Toyota Supra Rolls off Assembly Line at Magna Steyr Plant in Austria

    I fee like the panel gap is fairly consistent, even with the BMW range. Probably not much you can do about it with leaving mm's of room to allow for the bonnet to open and close without rubbing
  4. Revealed: Undisguised Interior and other cool shots of the New Toyota Supra from Nurburgring !

    Damn, diggin on that front lip <3 :thumbsup::headbang:
  5. The new Supra is sitting at Toyota HQ lobby in Plano TX (+various Centers & Dealers)

    lol No, They're not exposed wires. Just red accents. I think Shmee did a video not long ago and touched on those
  6. The new Supra is sitting at Toyota HQ lobby in Plano TX (+various Centers & Dealers)

    This isnt spotted in the wild, but its in a Melbourne, Aust delaership :) :bow: Courtesy of CarAdvice Australia.
  7. A90 Toyota Supra Sighting in the Wild!

    Ooo, now this is cool. All the different colors! Nice! :thumbsup:
  8. A90 Toyota Supra Sighting in the Wild!

    Spotted. Melbourne, Australia
  9. Most revealing 2020 Supra prototype spy pics yet, Spotted 3/19/18!

    Spotted Melbourne Australia. No Camo.
  10. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    Couldn't have said it much better myself. The A90 definitely doesn't deserve this much hate. I personally think it looks great. I think people dont understand completely, the modern world we live in now compared to the golden JDM era of the 90s.
  11. Take a look at the new Supra!!! Full vehicle revealed by Toyota Mexico

    Looks soo good! You'd have to be happy with that. :headbang: Also, mexico must be mad about the wall. ''Fuck you America, we fuck your big reveal'' lol
  12. A80 Toyota Supra

    Ol' Dougy, He has a very Unique form of reviewing lol. I love it Beautiful looking MKIV too! :thumbsup::beer:
  13. A90 Supra GR concept comes down under

    Some great looking photos from our backyard :thumbsup:
  14. Latest 2020 Supra Interior Spy Pics!

    Well, theres plenty of other forums that await your presence lol
  15. 👣 Official: Toyota Announces Manual Transmission Supra!

    I quite like the sounds of this. Guess we'll wait and see what happens here
  16. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Good to see you on here and active :) I enjoy watching your videos on the new Supra, I think ive pretty much every one youve done so far. Here's hoping the hype lives up to the final form, hey? lol. Myself and many others on here have faith! #Supra2019 :headbang: