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  1. FS: Gloss Carbon/black Toyota badges front and rear

    I ordered these on ebay before the thic whips badges became available, but received them after the thic whips badges arrived at my house. I ended up putting the thic whips badges on and no longer need these. These are custom made to order and took almost 2 months to come. They cost me $255...
  2. Vehicle key battery empty message

    After 2 years of using the same key fob I started seeing the message “Vehicle key Battery Empty” upon startup of the car. Around the same time I noticed my fob would occasionally not open the trunk or unlock doors etc. when the buttons were pressed on remote. I swapped the battery from my other...
  3. ZF upshift burps

    Let’s talk about that lovely sound the Supra makes when upshifting under certain conditions. Anyone here know exactly under what circumstances the exhaust will let out that aggressive upshift noise? My brother-in-laws GT AMG will let them out at just about any throttle position in any gear. With...
  4. Where to go for bench unlock in NYC area

    Looking to order an ecutek kit with ots tunes but don’t want to drive far or remove my ecu. Does anyone in 5 boroughs/new jersey area do a bench unlock? A90 with 7/19 production date