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  1. Hawaii GR Supra Sightings

    Yeah, the lower level of the hotel yeah... ride height? No, that shit looks like a 4runner from that view.
  2. Two sets American Panda a90 badges (Absolute Zero)

    Gen 1, the newer gens have 1 huge laser cut piece of VHB tape instead of 3 stripes.
  3. Custom Supra Rug

    That was your queue lol
  4. Good Price for a 2022?

    If you sell your car, i'm booting you off the group.
  5. Turbo Flutter mod / how to ?

    compressor surge. Big no no. Unless you got money on tap for new turbos, then go for it lol.
  6. What color looks good on a Supra?

    i have never seen a yellow supra before.
  7. Custom Supra Rug

    @Learyam you should look into making floor mats for the supra then... 👀👀
  8. Custom Supra Rug

    So the first batch will be dropped next week? Or one more week after..?
  9. The official ask zrk anything thread

    I really hate how one of the tags for this thread has to do with me. :nono:
  10. 23 MT Rock Guards

    Wtf why? That's dumb. It's the same car lmao.
  11. 23 MT Rock Guards

    The MT is no different from any other Supra. Just order them from ZL1addons.
  12. What should the next raffle be?

    @zrk i got you up to 10k reaction score lol
  13. What should the next raffle be?

    facts, that's the MKV Supra in a nutshell. just complaints on wheels.
  14. What should the next raffle be?

    Send me the QR code, i want my guaranteed win
  15. What should the next raffle be?

    @NitroYellowMKV came in with the intentions that this raffle wasn't gonna blow up like this, but now people are complaining saying that too many people joined and Phil is doubling up..? It's Phil's raffle, he can do 1000 people more if he wanted to. 😂😂😂 profit or not, someone is gonna win a...
  16. What should the next raffle be?

    i was summoned onto the reincarnation of the idiocracy thread? @zrk i'm checking in!
  17. The official ask zrk anything thread

    Okay, i'm gonna do our due diligence and address the elephant in the room to @zrk... @Evolution @SuupYota @kaj brace yourselves. was your 4g63 built or stock block? What turbo? Fueling?
  18. Suzilla 2.0 Build Thread

    I forgot i commented on your build sheet bullying you. LMFAO. 😂😂😂 My bad