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  1. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    So, we're reaching that time of the year where we are nearing the release of the MY2022 GR Supra. What are you guys expecting? Or is the MY2021 going to ride out during its actual calendar year as well like you see with many other cars that are released as a next model year but it is actually...
  2. 2020 Mirai

    @A70TTR. One question and one question only. Is this car the reason why the GS is dead? Lovely car. It's a beautiful car with beautiful lines and styling cues except for that front end. The interior simply blew my mind. If this had a powerful electric power unit (fuel cell stations are still...
  3. *BREAKING* Worldwide Release of the BMW S58 Engine 473 HP-503 HP!!

    *BREAKING* WELL HERE IT IS!! THE BMW S58 THAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN TALKING ABOUT HAS BEEN RELEASED IN THE BMW X3 M AND BMW X4 M!! Holy shit. It is finally here. The S58 engine has finally arrived. Remember of all the talks we had of the S58 and whatnot, how it could be in the MkV Supra or the...
  4. Toyota Supra will come in base and track form?

    Also something I found from the comments section from "jerklopnik". I will take this with an extreme grain of salt. Not sure how much truth there is to this.