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  1. FS: '22 3.0 premium - white - 2600miles. (Chicago)

    Just bought a house recently, never get a chance to drive it. So might as well sell it to someone else to enjoy.. Owned this car since October 2021. Bone stock besides a little trunk spoiler that i'll include. Also have an AWE Touring exhaust that I used for 1000 miles. Not on the car, but can...
  2. Do you consider the Supra a "young persons" car?

    I know it's not a cheap car given its price tag and whatnot. But what are your thoughts? Reason for this thread was just out of curiosity after a convo I had today. I was walking back to my white GR Supra and saw 2 kids (maybe 16-20 years old) taking a picture of it. I walked to the car and...
  3. Anyone want to buy a slightly used white 2022 Supra 3.0? (Chicago area)

    My buddy just purchased one about 2 months back. Long story short, circumstances changed for him, and he's trying to sell the car if he can get a solid price. 100% stock. 3.0 premium Drivers assistance package Carbon mirror caps PPF on front bumper Wheel locks Only 250-300 miles on it. The...
  4. 2022 Supra builder now live on

    Looks like the red leather is now an option for the 3.0. Everything else seems the same.
  5. FS: EWERKS silicone GR SUPRA key fob cover

    Ordered these a few months back when I got lucky to check during a restock. Great condition. 1 of them was never even used and collected some dust. They're currently sold out on the website. Willing to sell the pair for $45 shipped
  6. FS: MST intake + Turbo inlet pipe

    MST Toyota Supra A90 BMW Z4 (B58 3.0l turbo) Cold Air Intake System + Turbo Inlet Pipe TY-SUP01L 1 $519.00 USD $519.00 USD Got this intake 2 months ago from Extreme Power House on the forum after waiting about 4 weeks for the item to ship. has maybe 500 miles on it. Looks brand new. The...
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  8. WTB: HKS exhaust

    Does anyone have a used system, or know if any vendors have some in stock? I remember I was told a few months back by a member here that they were backordered for few months... is that still the case? PM me if you have one available.
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  10. Octane's '21 Supra build.

    After having a ton of 6spd cars in a row, most recently my BMW M4... I decided it was time to get into a new platform. Was debating between a few cars, but finally decided on the Supra. My first automatic car in over a decade, but absolutely loving it so far. Will be taking it to IND to get a...