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  1. Pics and Vids of your new Supra!

    Exactly what i said when i saw it in person in tokyo. And this was before the wraps came off
  2. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    IMO, Porsche has more problem on its hands than the supra does. And my reason for saying this is the age group of people that buy corvettes is more in line with the age group of Porsche buyers. Corvette even though affordable, it is perceived as luxury super car. Hence the reason why everyone...
  3. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    When you see the supra in person it might make your decision even harder. First car I've ever seen and really gave me a vibe to go for a spin. other cars I Just admire.
  4. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    not really. I see it as a blessing. This should wake Toyota up and make them warn those crazy dealers about there mark up.But we don't know if Corvette dealers will also be doing some mark up. its definitely a fun time. the performance is not all that, it's the pricing that I find impressive. on...
  5. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    Well said. add the RC F GT to that list. The supra was able to be what it was back then because there was no lexus F cars.
  6. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk

    LOL i went back to edit my question I remeber you told me about the IS before. I hope the next IS can satisfy we GS fans. I have a feeling thats the lexus car to wait for as far as affordability with performance. Thanks for your response.
  7. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk

    Thanks. Anything in works for the GS even if its just for the GS-F
  8. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk

    A70 any word on a possible LS-F?
  9. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    i will roll the dice also 4 years driving in Cali (SD) without a front licence plate never pulled over once. secret drive fast enough so the only chance they get is to see the behind...jk
  10. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    The new RCF GT would have been what the inhouse toyota guys wanted. lets see how much they move. RCF GT Rear wings No fake Vents Made in house Sound great and priced the way they wanted the supra to be priced if made in house.
  11. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    LMAO the irony. Most people waiting for the supra expected a lot like the FT1/Toyota interior, functioning vent, manual trans etc and got disappointed Same Most people waiting for the Chris Harris review expected a driving review how it drives, and compare it to the many sport car he has...
  12. Car & Driver Dyno Results: The 2020 Toyota Supra Makes More Power Than Toyota Claims

    Remember when Tada compared the power to the Lexus F cars?
  13. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    good read.sort of confirms what A70 said about gazoo being involved in the Lexus F cars.
  14. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    I hope this is the begining of porsche vs toyota rivalry in this segment
  15. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    There are so many things taming this supra. And IMO i think the biggest one has been overlooked. I think with Lexus F line now in the game, it restricts what they can do with the supra performance and pricewise. Especially with the lexus Line up now having a turbo V6.
  16. Run-flat tires or fix-a-flat kit

    Not sure about the fix a flat, but they don't come in run flats.
  17. 2020 Supra goes 0-60 3.8s & 1/4 mi 12.3s in C&D instrumented test

    I agree its a drivers race. Also I agree with the the point that the launch control is inconsistent. The CARWOW guy review proofed that when he tried it the first time and did 4.4secs and tried it again and did 4.0secs. Also this was on the Europe car and he also drove the Z4 already and agrees...
  18. BMW insider: "385 hp Supra model is coming"

    one of the reviews in europe timed it at 4.0secs already. And thats for the Europe car. so the car is underrated will be my conclusion.