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  1. 2.0 B48 FI Valvetronic Exhaust or HKS - Super Turbo Muffler Exhaust

    Next plan to buy next year is exhaust, as the title say ,which of the 2 is better?not too loud ,deep growl as for four banger sound( not to compare on v6), looks . thanks in advance.

    can somebody help me ,what are the sizes of the speakers of our supra?i have the base one speakers not jbl.and what is the cubic feet allowed on our sub box per subwoofer?thanks in advance
  3. Jb4

    Hi just installed a brand new jb4 and 4 codes came out.but no cel.i only have catted down pie installed.and then checked the saved codes and there are several showed and a csv file on this normal on a new jb4?need help.thanks in advance.

    what you guys think about this hks sqv 4 for the b48??vent to air or recirc to our airbox?i miss those sound.
  5. 3.0 pricing in my area.

    Would you pay for 3.0 with +7k mark up beside the 54k with premium

    any pics here with what % of tint you went with your supra?and will there be problem when they install it since everytime you open the door the window roll down a little?
  7. 3.0 parts to 2.0

    will the brembo brake from 3.0 be a direct fit to 2.0?
  8. new to mkv 2.0

    im about to get the 22 gr supra 2.0 tomorrow on turbulence gray for43k new.any suggestions? i dont race but i dont want to have a regret after a couple of months that i should have went with the 3.0.any piece of advice would be appreciated.thank in advance.