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  1. FP Green A90 Turbo

    no longer vouching for downpipes :mad:
  2. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Lmfaooo I’m on stretched-ish tires so I don’t wanna spin anymore than I do already
  3. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Imma see if I can cover my tires in bounty..the quick picker upper and put my car in a raincoat at this point.
  4. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Weather ain’t on my side :banghead:
  5. FP Green A90 Turbo

    This is exactly what I want - I wanna stay on pump while hitting around E50 numbers. Hoping a cold front hits South Florida by some miracle the day the cars strapped down 🤣
  6. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Yessir; tomorrow we get the final map for the turbo. Should be hopping on a Dyno. This has been such a mission, but super stoked to see what it pushes out
  7. FP Green A90 Turbo

    My tuner says I can borrow his for content when this bad boys dialed in I got y’all:cool:
  8. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Yeee, sent over the logs to my tuner. With thanksgiving and stuff I’m hoping Friday I’ll be having the new map loaded, make any final tweaks and be hopping on a hub dyno. Sorry for the delay fellas I’ve been itching so bad to post results
  9. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Alright I need to proof read before sending LOL So roads will be like I’m Bambi*
  10. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Back to back storms so roads so I’ll be like Bambi on ice out there - I swear the weather is out to get to me LOL - I’ve been trying to datalog on the street and trying to avoid paying for a Dyno day but with Thanksgiving coming up I might have to cough up dough to rip off the bandaid...
  11. FP Green A90 Turbo

    UPDATE: Turbos in, my brother and his friends installed it while I was out of town. Going to try and tune/dyno on Saturday. Cars running great - cannot wait to see what the FP Green pushes out. I’ll be updating more frequently on my IG: @itsbassi
  12. Bagged Supra Fitment

    Anyone here have a bagged Supra? Need some help finding the right tire setup. I previously ran 295/30/19 Michelin Super Sports and that was rub city - didn't realize how thick that tire is dunno if 4S are shorter wall. So I swapped to 275/35/19 (stock tire) for now. Trying to find the right...
  13. FP Green A90 Turbo

    All yours🤣🤣🤣
  14. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Sadly not yet lol got backed up with work and I’ll be out of town next weekend too. Contemplating leaving my keys to my brother so he can take it to the shop for install. Because seems as if my only time would be the weekend of the 18th:confused:
  15. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Update: Turbo has arrived while I'm at work. Hope to try and install this weekend and get it on the dyno to tune. Focusing on 93 pump since this is a daily.
  16. Base 3.0 Audio System Questions

    Nah I wouldn't do OEM like JBL - I want similar sound but a bit better. I don't mind going the cheapish route with Skar or PRV to swap, Just hate how cheap this car sounds lol
  17. Base 3.0 Audio System Questions

    Looking to upgrade the base model 3.0 sound system, sadly I wasn't in the JBL tax bracket. Has anyone done a swap and have some info on what to purchase? Disappointed that a car costs as much as it does...sounds like poop lol I miss my old Mustangs shaker pro system. Looking for an OEM+ style...
  18. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Very hopeful for the turbo my tuner says it should be a fun day on the Dyno experimenting. Hopefully this arrives quickly to see the potential FP’s green turbo has. If it goes well I’ll just upgrade to whatever they release later lol Love my car now on pump as a daily on my 45~ min commute so...
  19. FP Green A90 Turbo

    Decided to pull the trigger on Forced Performance’s “super core” drop in after seeing it on here lol Couple subie, evo and ls owners vouched so decided to take leap of faith will update y’all’s on results. Hoping I get Pure700/Vargas GC numbers - not trynna be the fastest just want a quick daily
  20. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Got a hood installed, now my fenders don't look out of place lol I need to go ceramic coat it so the South Florida heat doesn't eat it up quick