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  1. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    hey Z8AKU :) I'm in Mesa...since you're not busy driving your LC or Supra and would rather fight over something dumb on the interwebz, can I come over and borrow either one for a few hours? I promise I will be enjoying them to the fullest!
  2. New Toyota GR Yaris : Forged in the heat of World Rally competition

    wow great comparison of a $50 K sports car and a cheap subcompact that is just souped up for a special version, guess we should have zero complaints about the supra interior!
  3. my toy

    very beautiful photo for a beautiful car
  4. Exclusive: Manual-Equipped Toyota Supra Is Finally Coming From EAG

    I just have to say lol and wish them luck at hacking the dash without it looking like typical aftermarket fixes......what a great interior design by BMW & Toyota...SMH...shows why they were never going to put a stick in it themselves, the swoop on the driver's side is a big middle finger..
  5. World's first B58 A80 Supra swap?

    already been done, you just weren't following supra news a couple months ago ^^
  6. AT & MT Feedback Needed

    too often? maybe a couple decades ago but show me where that happens now when only a handful of new cars out there have a stick? still, I would much rather control a car with shitty dynamics using a manual than having a computer dictate things for me.. Soon y'all are gonna be ok with...
  7. AT & MT Feedback Needed

    you weren't a manual dude if flipping a paddle gives you the same satisfaction...or you're just a grandpa now :)
  8. 👣 Official: Toyota Announces Manual Transmission Supra!

    no kidding, Toyota would be lucky to even have Supra sales that surpass the number of folks that bought manual C7s...and where are those folks supposed to go when their lease ends, 4 cylinder MT Cayman?
  9. AT & MT Feedback Needed

    I would pay more for an OEM MT variant, no doubt about it..
  10. 2020 Supra Quirks

    that wind buffering has been mentioned a few times, super gross since I love driving with the windows down...IMO it is due to the shitty window mounted side view mirrors instead of body mounted ones like on the 86 which for me don't cause any significant buffering. I read a couple folks mention...
  11. 👣 Official: Toyota Announces Manual Transmission Supra!

    Toyota would be very happy to sell as many automatic Supras as 15% of the number of Vettes made considering how few MKIVs Toyota sold in comparison during the 90s so to me this rhetoric is bullcrap. There are bound to be Manual Vette fans who are still looking for a true replacement so for...
  12. Petition To Toyota For Manual Transmission.

    yep well just do what I did and buy a G27 + Oculus Rift + copy of Assetto Corsa/iRacing/City Car Driving that way your friends & family can learn without destroying real clutches and supercars before moving onto the real thing ^^
  13. Do NOT buy a Supra right now

    strong insider information!!!! more like don't buy a supra right now until you test drive a c8
  14. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    wasn't my point....I was questioning why the C8 has to be even spec'd out to "match" the Supra which doens't have any special equipment to begin with...the C8 has the axle lift and DCT...the Supra has heated seats and lane keeping assist....yea we really need to spec out a the...
  15. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    eh...the kid that doesn't have his driver's license is referring to the GR Super Sport hypercar, not the GR Supra. Either way was a dumb cop out for Toyota to not proceed with just their own hard earned development & money...
  16. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    what equipment would you really be missing out on...? heated seats? bigger touch screen? guess the supra is about being a safety and technology bargain and now the C8 is the serious driving machine?
  17. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    srs..?..because they went through the cheap ass route to share costs but despite going with existing running gear and classic FR platform, they could only muster an off the shelf torque converter while GM went on their own to create a 500 HP & mid engine beast with a DCT, who cares about a...
  18. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    people are only kidding themselves if they don't think the Corvette will not impact Supra sales...sure perhaps Supra customers weren't interested in past Corvette generations, but come on there were barely a few MKIV Supra buyers to begin with compared to the masses of Corvette owners. There is...
  19. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    ...and no partnership. Pretty sad considering profit differences between GM & Toyota yet they can't even throw us a bone for a MT..
  20. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    ...Lambo banned him as well...Chris Harris can be over the top but he is one of the best judges of sports cars out there...I certainly acknowledge his opinion over 99% of the other so called car journos..