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  1. 2020 Downshift Blue

    The time has come to put it for sale. Gunna try and free up some money for a potential grmn (if it even comes out) or a potential nex gen Supra. Car is lightly modded. Has approx 9xxxkms Entire car has ppf, has a small crack in windshield, Mods American Panda color matched badges Rexpeed color...
  2. Whiteline lowering springs Is anyone running a set of these, wanna know how the ride quality/height are on these.
  3. DIY guide for Reflector Insert Set

    As per the title, is there a guide on how to put these in, I assume looking at them they are pop out pop in type of thing but just wanted to make sure
  4. Any Canadians looking for a Refraction blue A91

    Hope you have deep pockets
  5. Paul walker edition A90
  6. Alberta Supra meet

  7. Toyota Launches Exclusive GR Supra A91-CF Edition for 2022 Limited to only 600, GR Supra A91-CF Edition is exclusive to North America Bold, functional carbon fiber body kit and duckbill rear spoiler compliment Supra’s curves Special edition forged 19” matte-black wheels...
  8. Oem downpipes

    Anyone buying oem downpipes in Canada for a good price.
  9. Wtb Vrsf Catless downpipe

    Before I buy new, seeing if anyone has one for sale.
  10. Toyota Reveals SEMA Build GR Supra Sport Top

    UPDATE: Press release, photos, and videos added.
  11. Wtb right lower control arm

    Figured I ask here before buying from dealer. Photo for clarity on what I’m looking for
  12. WTB mst intake

    Looking to buy an intake, figured I’d look here first if anyone is selling one before I buy from the company.
  13. 2021 Toyota GR Supra A91 Edition Revealed. Limited To 1,000 Units

    Updated with official photos and press release, thanks for the link @phone. Updated with a look from Tokyo Auto Salon, posted by @hanswurst24 also did they really put the caliper sticker upside down :crazy:
  14. First oil change

    So because I got the my car so late in Fall I was only able to put on 350km before I had to store it for winter. So would you guys get the oil changed as soon as you start driving it again, since it would be over the 6 month time range for maintenance or would you get it to the break in point...
  15. Toyota GR Supra GT300 In Development Toyota GR Supra GT300 In Development – Set For 2020 Launch (updated with video) Not a GT3 - this Supra will be built to original JAF-GT300 regulations! It didn’t take long after the...
  16. Forged carbon mirror covers

    Have these coming, should be in before the new year. Will post photos when they’re installed. Also just eBay ones, so hopefully the fitment is good
  17. SEMA builds

    Edit: didn’t see the other SEMA thread, mods wanna merge this into the other one. One from Toyota Greddy Greddy
  18. Orange MK5 Toyota Supra spotted on set of upcoming Fast & Furious 9

    Updated with trailer:
  19. Carbon engine cover

    looks better than stock but that’s not saying much
  20. Supras damaged on transport truck

    Looks to be Canadian cars or non launch edition US cars. Based on the transports liscence plate maybe it’s EU but the cars have side markers and no Toyota badge over the supra so not sure now.