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  1. What color looks good on a Supra?

    But seriously the purple does look really clean.
  2. What color looks good on a Supra?

    Once you go black you never go back 🤣🤣
  3. Powder Coating - plastic engine cover

    I had a local guy airbrush and paint mine for me and it came out great. He put a nice clear on it as well. Just as nice if not better then finish on the car.
  4. Aftermarket tail lights This is the only thing I have found.
  5. FS:3.0 OEM calipers front&rear

    What kit did you go with?
  6. If your a moron like me here is a video of something you always wanted to try.

    Do it!! Just make sure nothing is hanging in the garage that could fall off and hit your car. That would suck!!
  7. If your a moron like me here is a video of something you always wanted to try.

    Take a motrin and drink some caffeine for the incoming headache and you will be fine 🤣
  8. How to do Femto Supra partial unlock?

    Reach out to Femto. They will give you extremely detailed instructions on how to do everything properly with them. Their customer support can answer any questions should you still have any after reading through their instructions to send it out to them. If you just want some burble adjustments...
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    It is very car specific. I would not mess with someone elses map. @Jesse DaBears is the way to go.
  10. What should I do Next?

    Jb4 and custom map is almost same price as sending your ecu out for an unlock. Plus you can sell your catted downpipe and replace with inexpensive catless which will basically fund the entire cost of sending off for unlock. That's what I would do if I was on a minimal to no money budget.
  11. WTB: top mount turbo kit

    That is a real thing unfortunately. Having the right connections these days does help a bit. Such is life though.
  12. WTB: top mount turbo kit

    Dang....I was a little after you...the next week thing around here is going strong on everything 🤣
  13. WTB: top mount turbo kit

    Yeah i cant imagine that there is some crazy demand out there that would cause delays like this. But I will leave it at that. Dang thats not a good sign. When did you order yours manifold?
  14. WTB: top mount turbo kit

    It may be 30 days now. I recieved my information a couple weeks ago. But I was also told from an insider that p2uned typically runs behind their eta. But hopefully thats not the case here. I am also still on wait for another 4-6 weeks from EOS for my manifold. But yeah I completely agree with...
  15. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I let my son drive mine for a weekend to go to and from work while I was out if town 6 months ago. Two months after that I was stopped by I guy and he tells me " I almost had you" I am thinking what is he talking about. He says " yeah remember I was in the fixed up red MR2 " then it hits...
  16. WTB: top mount turbo kit

    Yeah I was on the list for a Pure 850 but then canceled it over a month ago due to all the issues I kept gearing about with them and didn't want to deal with that. Decided to go buy a Ptuned top mount kit but now I gotta wait two months for that Pure was supposed to be ready for...
  17. Which wheel?

    Thats pretty much how it works on's exactly why I asked all the car guys on here though. I am glad some other suggestions and opinions were mentioned. Always something new to learn. The more options the better. Seems like I get a plan of what I want to do and them after being on...
  18. Which wheel?

    I like making things harder on do make a special cleaning tool that works amazingly well and getting through the spokes and cleaning the inside of the rim and caliper so it's not that bad. But yeah I understand what you are saying. I can't leave any part of the rim or brake...
  19. Which wheel?

    That burnout color just looks so good man! Yeah I am looking at their two piece fully forged. I am about 99% going to go the HRE route after looking into them and going over options and specifications.