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  1. Tuning - can you confirm what the OEM 'Engine Sport' mode actually does?

    As subject- my gut feel is that it only: - Opens exhaust flap - Adds the crackle tune - Changes throttle pedal linearity to give a sense of 'urgency' - normal mode feels linear between pedal opening and throttle opening. Doesn't do anything other than that, right? Thank you
  2. Sound clip request : Tomei Type-D with OEM Downpipe

    Hi all As subject Anyone have any good videos (preferably driving, not just free rev and Golf R pops and bangs) of the Tomei with the stock DP? I've got one - but I'm awaiting the 6MT to install (selling the 8AT). But I am eager to hear it, and most YT vids are either catless, or free-revving...
  3. AUS : Immaculate White 2019 A90 GT Any questions please PM me :)
  4. Selling A90 - GT White - VIC

    Hi guys Moving the Supra on to get a 6MT. The Auto is fantastic, I'd probably keep it, if all my other Supras weren't manual. 13,000km Only mods - yellow painted calipers In fantastic condition - never washed by the dealer, ceramic coated at 14km, no marks at all on the interior or exterior...
  5. OEM PN Request : Front lip, Front bumper skin

    Hi guys Does anyone have the OEM BMW/Toyota PN for the front lip (outer LHS piece) and the front bumper skin? Thank you, Ryley
  6. Request: 18x9 18x10 OEM wheel specs

    Hi guys Does anyone have the specs for the 18" OEM wheels - offsets mainly? Do they differ to the OEM 19s? I didn't save them when RealOEM had them listed unfortunately. Thanks
  7. Blindspot monitoring error

    Anyone else have a fault with "assistance package - blind spot monitoring"? Appeared yesterday, appeared again today at random....
  8. AU-spec exhaust Vid

    Made a quick video. Things to note: - The Au model does not have the GPF - The exhaust hardware is the same as the US models - not the EU models (see pic) - Exhaust flap is always open - except cold start - Cold ambient temperature gives the really loud cracks and bangs - otherwise it's like...
  9. Anyone had a CEL with catted Downpipe (No tune/piggyback)??

    As subject Going to DIY a dump pipe with a 4" high flow cat Wondering if anyone has seen a CEL with aftermarket cats :)
  10. Supra #7 - A90

    I collect this bad boi next week... Aussie model "GT" (Think US base model, but with 18" wheels, the bigger screen) It will sit beside my A40, A60, A70 and A80
  11. Transmission tuning

    Anyone fiddled with the trans? Is there capacity in the stock ECU, for say, installation of a sequential (motorsport use only)
  12. Feedback to Toyota re: "Performance Screens"

    Does anyone in contact with Toyota know if - or can influence - some better data on the performance screens? Power/Torque is useless but Oil pressure, temp, coolant temp, IA temp etc would be awesome Like on the R35.... :)
  13. TE37 in A90 fitment

    Please see link A90 Sizes: F: 19x9.5 +23 R: 19x10.5 +35 Both face 4 (concave spokes) Also TE37SL coming -
  14. Manufacturers of 5x112 PCD wheels

    I know there's SSR, Work, Yokohama... Any other manufacturers do them in decent widths? (i.e. at least matching factory A90 9" and 10" wide)
  15. A90 GR Supra GT4
  16. Official: Toyota Supra TRD Performance Line Concept
  17. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 'Supra' to Compete in the SUPER GT GT500 Class Debut Scheduled for 2020

  18. A90 GR Supra Super GT Concept at Tokyo Autosalon (Updated with leaked photo pg. 4)
  19. Have a look at the Prototype Supra's engine

    Oh hai guys here's the engine of the goodwood car. Look closely at what we can see. Dbw throttle, accessories, piping, ancillary feeds. Google latest B58. Not cut and paste, that's for sure. Could be B58TU I suppose, but who knows yet.
  20. A90 Supra GR concept comes down under

    I'm at Toyota now with the GR concept. We have a small display with A60, A70 and A80 too. I'll post some pics up to follow!