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  1. Supra Meet & Cruise - October

    Let’s go for a cruise. -RJM
  2. NWmotiv Cars & Coffee

    A few Supras are headed to this event. Join if you can. -RJM
  3. Supra Sessions Sun Sept. 25th

    In case you missed it on FB and IG. -RJM Griot's Garage (800) 345-5789
  4. MIV Supra Brochure circa 1998

    I picked up a copy of this awhile back and thought I would share with everyone. -RJM
  5. Supra Meet & Cruise - July

    Lets see those Supras. -RJM
  6. Mercer Island Car Show

    A few us our headed to this Avants event. Join us if you can, Sunday July 17th, 9am - 12pm. -RJM
  7. Spring Meet & Cruise - Sunday May 22nd

    Its the first official meet & cruise for the year. Lets see those sweet Supras! -RJM
  8. FS: Armaspeed Cold Air Intake 3.0

    I have a brand-new Armaspeed intake for sale. The CF pieces have been Graphene coated for ultimate protection. The cover has one small blemish as noted in the pictures. I’m asking $600 plus shipping. -RJM
  9. FS: FTP Intake Pipe (red)

    I have an FTP intake pipe with hardware for sale. Its a perfect way to get rid of the heavy plastic and rubber baffle. It will also increase your turbo sounds. I’m selling it for $100 plus shipping. -RJM
  10. Extended Length Lug Bolts (35mm)

    With recent discussions about lug bolts I wanted to share some data I gathered while upgrading mine. The factory hubs only have 8 threads of depth. This equals about 9.5mm or 3/8” engagement with the lug bolts, see pics below. The HRE wheels I’m running have thicker mounting pads. Since I’m...
  11. OEM Toyota TPMS 433 mhz Sensors

    I have a full set (4) OEM Toyota factory TPMS sensors for sale. These are the 433 mhz versions p/n 42607-WAA02. I’m selling them for $160->$140 + shipping. -RJM
  12. GR Supra Gunmetal Wheels for Sale

    I have a stunning set of stock GR Supra wheels for sale. The wheels have a $1000 powder coat finish done by Sound Wheel Works in Bellevue. The fronts are 19x9 and the rears 19x10. They’re also ceramic coated for great protection. I’m asking $1000 for them and prefer local pick up. -RJM
  13. Armaspeed Intake Install

    I decided to replace the stock CCV hose with reinforced fuel vapor line. The fit is better now and allows for any movement the engine might have. -RJM
  14. Bimecc Zinc Plated Lug Bolts

    I have a brand-new set (20 pcs) of Bimecc lug bolts for sale. The specs are: - 14mmx1.25 thread pitch - 60 degree conical seat - Zinc Plated - 28mm length (stock length) I’m asking $60 plus shipping. -RJM
  15. Kics Leggdura Racing Lug Bolts

    I have a brand-new set of 28mm Kics Leggdura racing lug bolts for sale. These were $375 new. They come with locks and key tool. I’m asking $280 plus shipping. -RJM
  16. NV Specialties CF Vents

    I have a set of brand-new NV Specialties Carbon Fiber vents for sale, $100 shipped -RJM
  17. Oil Level Analysis with EcuTek

    To keep gathering data with oil level concerns I’ve decided to conduct a study using my EcuTek system. The app has the ability to take oil level measurements down to the millimeter. I’m trying to determine how much oil is consumed before the iDrive detects it. I took measurements at every fill...
  18. Summer Meet n’ Cruise (Sept)

    Another fun meet and cruise in the books. It was nice to catch up with the crew and meet new people. Here are a few pics. @Rad_AMG @romanLegion9574 @RomeJones @WSUPRA -RJM
  19. Coolant Bleeder Screw

    The coolant bleeder screw on the B58 engines are known as a weak point in the cooling system. The plastic screw becomes brittle with time and cracks causing leaks. Its also known to break while turning to bleed the system. Don’t overlook this small item and get left stranded on the side of the...
  20. Cabin Brace Upgrade to CF

    I’ve decided to add a little more carbon fiber to my interior. Its hard to say no sometimes. ? At least this part helps with weight savings at 1/3 the weight of the aluminum brace. And no more creaks and noises when car flexes. -RJM Before: After: